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March 31, 2017

Training for 3/31/17

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The website that hosts this blog is getting on my nerves. I’m sure it’s mostly this stupid employer-provided computer’s fault; I can’t update Google Chrome or anything else on it myself, but I don’t work in the same office as the administrators who can, so it’s never been updated. Whatever the reason, most days I have to open the page to post a new blog multiple times before it manages to do it without freezing.

So days like yesterday, when all I did was run another boring lap around the 4.5-mile loop and the website freezes 15 times in a row, I give up. For the two loyal readers wondering why there was no post yesterday, now you know!

Today, I ran my last run as a 33-year-old. It rained all day, so I put it off until it finally ended, in the early evening. I just did one more lap around the ol’ 4.5-mile loop. That’s all I’ve felt like doing this week. It was an OK run. It wasn’t cold or windy, but it was extremely humid.

Today was also the last run of March, so it’s time for a monthly summary.


  • Week 1 (March 1-4): 15.5 miles
  • Week 2 (March 5-11): 32.9
  • Week 3 (March 12-18): 27.2
  • Week 4 (March 19-25): 42.3
  • Week 5 (March 26-31): 22.5

Total mileage: 140.4 miles

That was about where I expected to be this month, as I tapered for and then recovered from Shamrock.

As far as racing went, I just did the 8K and marathon at Shamrock, which both went well in spite of the crappy weather.

Speaking of Shamrock, I just signed up for 2018 earlier today, while the registration price was still at its lowest. I’m doing the Whale Challenge again. It’ll be my ninth consecutive time there next year. I think we’re about due for decent running weather, for the first time in a while. Ha. Watch us get a blizzard or something.

This month, I also got my first road bike. I’ve only gotten to ride it a few times, but I put in about 38 miles on it.

Anyway, looking ahead to April, I’ve got two races planned. Well, three really. The King Crab Challenge on April 8 is a half marathon followed immediately by a 5K, and then I’m pacing the 1:55 group in the Island to Island Half Marathon from Assateague to Ocean City again, on April 29.

And I’ll be putting in more way miles on that bike!

This weekend should be fun. Tomorrow is my birthday. Other than signing up my brother and myself for the Dogfish Dash at noon on the dot (Clark would rather do a tri he did last year that unfortunately is the same day as the Dash this year), and then going to Dogfish Head for my free birthday beer as a Mug Club member, I’m not sure what the plan is. I’ll run something in the morning, and maybe ride the bike too, if it’s not too cold.

Sunday, my mother-in-law is making me a birthday brunch, and then in the evening, we’re meeting some of my family at Suicide for dinner. In between that, there’s a NASCAR race in Martinsville to watch.


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