A Simple Running Log

March 22, 2017

Training for 3/22/17

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First off, the free downloadable photos from both races this past weekend have been posted, so here are some of mine:

8K mile 3

Mile 3ish of the 8K on Saturday.

8K finish

Near the finish of the 8K.

marathon mile 21

Mile 21 of the marathon on Sunday.

marathon king neptune

Flying by King Neptune, coming to the finish line.

marathon finish line 2

Pretty happy to see 3:46 on my watch when I finished.

marathon finish line 3

Still smiling.

The blood donation Monday afternoon went fine. I haven’t run yet since Sunday’s race, but yesterday, Clark and I took our bikes out for another ride.

I just wanted to do the 10.5-mile loop. Clark didn’t want to ride that way because he said some of the roads in the middle of that loop are too rough, so he went a different direction before we got to the ferry. It was probably better he rode by himself anyway — all the way to the ferry, when he was behind me, I kept hearing what turned out to be his bike coasting because I was going too slow for him haha.

I didn’t time my ride because I knew I was going to be slow. Between the marathon two days earlier and donating blood the day before, I was feeling kinda rundown. But it was a nice ride anyway. The temperature was decent, for once, and it wasn’t ridiculously windy. I think I’m getting better with the clip-in shoes too.

Speaking of bikes, I sold my Trek hybrid! An 84-year-old man bought it yesterday. He said he likes the women’s bikes because they have the step-through frame, so they’re easier to get on and off of. He test rode it and was especially impressed with the brakes.

As he was figuring out a way to get the bike into his car, he said he’d been riding a 50-year-old Schwinn until now, so he felt like he’d moved up to the upper limits of bike technology. So I showed him Clark’s new bike. He didn’t know what to say about that thing!

Today, it’s really windy again, but I think I might go out later and do a short run. I don’t feel any soreness from the marathon anymore.


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