A Simple Running Log

March 13, 2017

Training for 3/13/17

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I had a pretty quiet, relatively productive weekend at home.

Saturday was cold and windy, again. Like, wind chills in the 20s. It took me until almost noon to go out and run the easy 4-miler on the schedule because I just did not want to face that icy wind. I eventually got in a lap around the 4.5-mile loop.

That afternoon, Clark invited me to go swimming with him at the Y in Cambridge. He invites me pretty much every time he goes, usually during the week after he gets off work, but I can usually come up with a good reason to not go.

I had no such reasons Saturday though. I’m still bad at it, but it wasn’t awful. In the time it took Clark to finish the 1,000 yards he’d planned, I got in 750. Good enough for me.

We stopped by RAR after we left the pool. Clearly not expecting it to feel like the middle of January, they’d scheduled an outdoor early St. Patrick’s Day street party. It was packed. Clark and I squeezed our way to the bar to get one beer each, then stood outside in the cold wind and drank them before we agreed we’d gotten too old to enjoy crap like that. I was, however, entertained watching one drunk guy gesturing so wildly while trying to talk that he unknowingly sloshed almost an entire beer onto the ground. He looked genuinely surprised when he went to take a drink finally and found the cup almost empty haha.

We went home after we finished our beers and stayed in that night.

Sunday, it wasn’t as windy in the morning as it had been the day before, but it was just as cold. I had 12 miles on the schedule, the last double-digit run before Shamrock next weekend, but I was already letting myself off the hook for that as I was getting layered up to run. I didn’t even take water with me, I was so sure I wasn’t going to run any longer than maybe the 9.1-mile loop.

The first mile, I was so cold, I was absolutely positive I was only doing 9.1 miles. Over the next couple of miles though, I warmed up, and it didn’t feel so terrible anymore.

I wound up passing up a couple of shortcuts home and ran the 11.2-mile loop. (The highlight was getting to pet two greyhounds out for a walk with their owner.) I’d have done the whole 12.3-mile loop, but that would’ve required running head on into the wind, which had picked up, for the last three miles straight, on a road surrounded only by empty fields. The loop I ran was more wooded, so I didn’t have to spend nearly as much time dealing with the wind.

With that, I’m pretty much done training for Shamrock. I have 11 miles total on the schedule for this entire week.

When I got back, Clark went out and did some training. In spite of the weather, he rode his new bike 14 miles, and then he ran more than nine.

I watched the NASCAR race in Las Vegas, and we stayed in again last night.

Today, I waited until late afternoon again, to try to let it warm up a bit, and then I went out and ran another easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. Once again, it was a normal run, other than this ridiculously cold and windy weather. I am so sick of this!


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