A Simple Running Log

March 10, 2017

Training for 3/10/17

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Some stupid cold front is moving through. Yesterday was so nice, shorts and a tank top running weather. This morning, I had to break out tights and a mock neck top again, and it’s only getting colder over the next couple of days. Yay.

Anyway, yes, I did something smart today for once, and ran first thing, an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop, before a rare Friday morning work assignment. It was a routine run; nothing notable. I have to go grocery shopping after work, and I’m pretty sure there’s going to be dog poop on the floor when I get home from that, so I’m also pretty sure I’m not going to feel like running after all that.

Last night, Clark brought home his new bike (mine has not yet arrived at the shop.)

This thing looks like it might come to life in the middle of the night and eat the dog.

felt ia 1

Speaking of the dog… Pepper never showed a bit of interest in Clark’s old (much less expensive) road bike, but the second Clark brought this one in, Pepper kept sticking his nose right on it, trying to sniff it. It weighs about as much as a sheet of paper and doesn’t have a kickstand, so Pepper could easily knock it over.

Clark said the guy at the bike shop, who obviously took it for a test ride after he finished building it yesterday, said this is the best bike he’s ever ridden. Clark hasn’t ridden it himself yet.

Clark’s dad was fitted last night for Clark’s old bike, which is now at the shop getting set up for his dad, so it’s gone.

It dawned on me yesterday evening that once my new bike gets here next week, I too will have an old one collecting dust in the garage, so I just posted it to Craigslist. Maybe I’ll get a few bucks for it. It’s a women’s Trek 7100 if anyone reading this is in the market for a gently used hybrid. Looks and works like new!

trek 7100

This weekend is the last one before Shamrock. I’d planned on making up that 12-miler I skipped last weekend because of the weather, but it looks like the weather is going to suck just as bad, so I’m not so sure about that plan now. We’ll see what gets run. It’s not really going to make a difference at this point anyway.

Bib numbers have been posted for Shamrock. I’m 17927 in the 8K on Saturday, starting in the second corral, and 3535 in the marathon Sunday, starting in the first. I think I’ll actually start where I’m seeded in the marathon this time, since I actually trained this time.

I also found out today one of my favorite professional runners, Shalane Flanagan, is going to appear at the expo Friday and Saturday to promote her new cookbook, and she’s going to do a meet and greet, so I might get to meet her! She finished third in the Olympic Trials Marathon we got to watch last year the day before the L.A. Marathon, and then finished sixth at the Olympics.

Shamrock isn’t one of the bigger race expos — I can’t remember any big-name current pro runners appearing there in the seven previous years I’ve done this race — so this is exciting.


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