A Simple Running Log

March 8, 2017

Training for 3/8/17

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I haven’t run yet today. It was raining and chilly when I’d have had to get up and run this morning before an early-ish work assignment, so naturally, I put off the easy 4-miler on the schedule and stayed under the covers. So committed!

The sun is already out now, so this afternoon, when I get home, should be more pleasant for a run.

Yesterday, Clark and I went to the bike shop to get fitted, which involves riding a stationary bike, hooked to a computer program, that can be adjusted to figure out what feels best, as far as seat height, handlebar position, etc. The guy running the program adjusted the stationary bike so I could feel what the setup of the bike I picked out Saturday, a Specialized Ruby, felt like compared to the setup of the next series above it, a Specialized Amira.

He knew exactly what he was doing haha. The ride position on the Amira felt better, like it used my leg muscles more efficiently. In his words, the Ruby was more like a Cadillac — good for an endurance ride, but not particularly fast — while the Amira is more like a Porsche.

So yeah. I never rode the Ruby other than a short test ride behind the shop, and I’ve already upgraded.

He had to order the specific model and frame size I wanted, but this is what’s coming to me now:


It might be here by this weekend, but once again, it’s warmish this week, but it’s supposed to get really cold again here Saturday and Sunday. There’s even snow in the forecast for Sunday at the moment. There will be no biking in that nonsense!

I also got some of those padded bike shorts that feel like there’s a gigantic diaper sewn into them, and clip-in shoes.


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