A Simple Running Log

March 6, 2017

Training for 3/6/17

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Once again, running this weekend did not go as planned!

Saturday, I did go out and run the 4-miler on the schedule. It was so freaking cold. OK, yes, it’s technically still winter, but it’s March! I was able to run shirtless a few days earlier! Why was it all of a sudden so cold again I needed my thermal tights and balaclava? Anyway, I ran a lap of the 4.5-mile loop.

Later that morning, Clark and I went to the bike shop in Delmar. I wasn’t expecting to make a decision that day, but they had a good deal on a Specialized Ruby road bike with an all-carbon frame. It was on sale because it was leftover from last year, but the only difference between it and this year’s model is the color. Big deal.

So I have a bike now! It’s still at the shop though. The purchase included an electronic fitting, but the guy who runs the program to do the fitting was off this weekend. Clark and I are both going in for a fitting tomorrow.

road bike

Clark is getting another fitting because that big box behind me in this picture is his new bike. He upgraded big time, from a road bike to a Felt IA 1, a pretty high-end triathlon-specific bike. The same guy who does the fittings is going to put it together this week. Clark’s dad wants to do Eagleman this year, so he’s planning on buying Clark’s old bike off him.

That afternoon, Clark went to Annapolis to help his family move some stuff around at his brother’s house. I haven’t been there in a while, but Clark said the renovation is getting close to finished, so they should be able to list it soon. I stayed home with Pepper and watched the Xfinity and Truck races.

Sunday, I should’ve had plenty of time to get in the 12-miler on the schedule. I was all set on getting it done early until I looked at the weather — feels like ELEVEN with the 10 mph wind chill. I decided I was going to wait until it warmed up.

Then Clark wanted to get his truck to the mechanic who’s going to replace the clutch this week. That turned out to be a much bigger headache than we expected.

First, it took forever to get enough charge in the battery to even start it, as it hasn’t been used all winter.

After it finally started, we started making our way toward Denton. I was following in my car. About halfway there, I suddenly noticed a very strong odor of something burning. Either what was left of Clark’s clutch had just imploded, or something had just gone horribly wrong in my own car’s engine. But we were still rolling along.

Then, maybe a couple miles from the intersection with Route 404, the truck started to slow. A half-mile later, it glided to a stop on the shoulder. I got out of my car, and the burning smell was overwhelming. Clark said the truck refused to go any farther.

So we drove my car all the way back to our house to get a couple straps, stopped at Clark’s work to pick up one of their work trucks, drove back to his truck, hooked it to the work truck and started slowly towing it along the shoulder.

Everything was fine until we got to the turn onto Route 404. I was steering Clark’s truck. I hadn’t realized the keys weren’t in the ignition until the steering column locked as we were making the turn.

I was leaning on the steering wheel as hard as I could, trying to get it to make the turn, but it was locked tight. The damn thing was heading straight for a very low-speed collision with the guard rail on the other side of the road.

I laid on the horn to get Clark’s attention, but he couldn’t really stop right in the middle of the intersection. He kept going until we’d made the turn and both trucks were on the shoulder. I heard the right front bumper scrape along the guard rail. Shit!

Clark found the keys and got the steering column unlocked, and we went on our way. Creeping along Route 404 was definitely the worst part of the trip for me, especially when we had to cross over it to make a left turn, but we eventually made it to the mechanic and got the truck parked. Hopefully the next time I see that thing it’ll be able to make the drive home under its own power. It’s supposed to be done by the end of the week.

And the front bumper didn’t look nearly as bad as it’d sounded. There were a couple scrapes, but they should buff out.

By the time we got home, it was already 2 p.m., and the race was starting. Then my brother invited us over to their house to watch it.

That sounded way more appealing than running (it wasn’t as cold as it’d been in the morning, but it still hadn’t warmed up nearly enough for my tastes) so Clark and I just took a shower and headed over there. After the race, we got dinner in Cambridge and came home.

Today, it finally warmed back up to normal temperatures. I ran a lap around the 6.5-mile loop. I felt fine other than some stomach problems.


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