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February 27, 2017

Training for 2/27/17

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My weekend did not go according to plan.

I guess it started falling apart (I’m using “falling apart” here pretty loosely — there wasn’t actually a disaster) Friday afternoon. Both pairs of running shoes in my current rotation seem to be nearing the end of their useful life, so I wanted to get a pair of the newest New Balance Zantes for my 20-miler. I got a 15 percent off coupon and a $10 gift certificate to VP Shoes at the Algonquin 50K a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to buy them there instead of ordering them online.

After an extremely aggravating and unproductive afternoon of arguing at the DMV, I drove all the way to Salisbury to at least get my stupid shoes. Naturally, VP Shoes had several other pairs of neutral New Balances, but they didn’t have the Zantes. Fail.

Since I didn’t have a pair of shoes I wanted to run 20 miles in Saturday morning, I just did the 10-miler on the schedule for Sunday. Before I left for my run, I called the New Balance store in Rehoboth. They’re owned by VP Shoes, so I could use my gift certificate and coupon there, and best of all, they had the new Zantes and set aside a pair in my size.

I went out for my run. It was stupidly warm here for late February. I mean, 75 degrees and sunny is great, but not when you’ve been running in colder temps up until that moment. It felt like running in an oven. I really wished I’d bothered to bring my water bottle. I wound up removing my shirt when I stopped to use the bathroom about 7 miles into the run. In spite of all that though, it was an OK lap around the 10.1-mile loop.

That afternoon, I went to Rehoboth and picked up my Zantes. I thought I was all set for a good 20-miler the next day.

That evening, Clark and I went to his boss’s house, whose wife is out of town, so he got bored and decided to host a last-minute dinner party. Pepper probably had the best night of his life — he got his very own steak haha.

I did not have the best night of my life. Clark got pretty drunk and really pissed me off, so I left him there, drove myself and Pepper home and stewed about it all night. I did not get a minute of sleep. It might have been the maddest I’ve ever been at him. Definitely in the all-time top three.

Finally, around 5:30 in the morning or so, Clark had sobered up enough that I could talk to him about what he had done that had made me so angry, and I chilled out enough to get about two hours of sleep before he asked me to come back to his boss’s house to pick him up.

After I picked him up, we got breakfast. When we got home, I knew there was no way I was running 20 miles. I was obviously exhausted.

I really intended to go out and do a short run, to at least try out my new shoes, but I just napped instead while we watched pre-race coverage. About two laps into the Daytona 500, I gave up pretending and decided it was going to be a rest day.

The race was pretty good. We had to leave halfway through it to drive to Dogfish Head for the beer dinner, so I didn’t get to see Jimmie stupid Johnson wreck for the third time already this year, but we did get to the brewpub in time to see the last 35 laps of the race. Those last couple of laps were great, and I was happy when Kurt Busch came out on top at the end.

The race ended just as we were being called upstairs for the dinner. Clark and I were with his boss (Clark had bought him a ticket online the night before) and two other couples.

This dinner had been originally scheduled for Feb. 12, two days before Valentine’s Day, so the five-course menu featured supposed aphrodisiacs. There were two appetizers to start, fried oysters and then asparagus tips with caviar; an arugula salad with fried goat cheese, honeycomb and pomegranate seeds; roasted pheasant; and finally strawberries three ways. Each course came with its own beer pairing.

It was an awesome meal, and I think everyone had a great time. I was feeling pretty good myself.

Luckily, one of the people we were there with doesn’t like to drink much, so she just had a sip of each beer and was fine to drive the rest of our drunk asses home afterwards.

The weekend ended on a high note — Kara agreed to do the swim for a relay team in the upcoming Eagleman half Ironman, so I’m going to do the bike, and Dave is going to finish up with the run.

Clark has been trying to convince me to do Eagleman ever since he finished it last June. Obviously I love running, and I liked cycling enough when I borrowed Kara’s bike last spring that I think I could get through a 56-mile ride. But I sincerely dislike swimming, so a 1.2-mile swim sounds about as appealing as watching a highlight reel of every one of Jimmie stupid Johnson’s championship seasons back to back.

This relay is perfect though. I get to try training for something new without having to go through something I already know I hate. And I get to be on a team with my siblings.

I already know what we should call our team: The Runny Schmidts haha.

Looks like I’m going to need to get a real bike. And those shorts with the padded butt, and sunglasses, and clip-in shoes. Geez.

Last year, before he did Eagleman for the first time, Clark rode the whole 56-mile course during a cycling event they hold every May, so he knew what he was getting into ahead of time. I’d like to do that this year.

So anyway, all’s well that ends well, right? I might have completely botched yet another long run this weekend, but I like Clark again, I’m picking back up with training today with a pair of new shoes, my favorite marathon of the year is less than three weeks away and now I’ve got the Eagleman relay to look forward to.

I’m still mad at the DMV though.


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