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February 20, 2017

Training for 2/20/17

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Saturday morning, Clark, Pepper and I went to St. Michaels to run the Love Run 5K, this month’s free 5K hosted by TriCycle & Run. We stopped on the way to pick up one of Clark’s coworkers, Dave.

It was a pretty nice day for a run, not too cold or windy, with plenty of sun. No freezing rain icing over the bike path like the last one of these races Pepper and I ran, in December.

We got there about a half hour before the 9 a.m start, dropped off our donations to the local humane society and got our race bibs.

This was a prediction race as usual; I put down 23:42 for Pepper and me.

We walked down to the start at the entrance of a small subdivision. The course was the same as it’s always been. I tried to start pretty close to the front with Pepper. The fewer people I had to get him around, the better.

We got the start commands and instead of going forward, Pepper immediately jetted right into the middle of the crowd trying to take off. I yanked him back over to the side of the road before he could trip anybody, but that was just the beginning.

Clark ran with Pepper and me, and that was just more fuel for Pepper’s typical lunacy fire. He was SO EXCITED to see Clark out there running too. He wanted to simultaneously be in front and keep checking to make sure Clark was still there with us.

I could not get him to run in a straight line to save my life! He kept slowing down to pee or look at Clark, Clark would run past us, and then Pepper would sprint ahead, with me dragging behind him, to get back in front. He was an absolute mess. Once, near the beginning, he was trying to sprint back past Clark, but almost tripped him instead.

The leader of the race missed the turn for the second cul-de-sac we were supposed to run while in the subdivision, and the rest of us followed. TK later said there was tape on the road showing where we were supposed to be coming back from the cul-de-sac, but no tape showing where we should have turned onto it, so I can’t really fault the lead guy for missing it.

Anyway, after we left the subdivision, we ran to the end of the bike path in one direction, made a U-turn, ran to the other end of the bike path in the other direction, made another U-turn, then ran back along the path, turned off and finished in a small parking lot.

Pepper kept up his routine of slowing to pee, seeing Clark run by, sprinting to get back ahead, etc. Once he even stopped to poop (in the woods this time at least.) I thought that was it, that we wouldn’t catch back up with Clark after that, but nope! Pepper dragged me right back in front of him.

The last half-mile or so, Pepper really started to lose interest. He just wanted to sniff things. I kept yelling at him to go.

We finished the short course in 22:06. TK wore her Garmin and said it recorded 2.9 miles, so I think if we’d run the whole 3.1, Pepper and I still would’ve been too far off my prediction to win anything, but we’d have been a lot closer.

Later that afternoon, we hosted a party for my Aunt Helen’s 70th birthday. I think everyone had a good time, even Aunt Helen.


On her throne.


I gave her some 70 proof flavored vodka and a flask that says “Old enough to know better.”


Julie gave her photos of her favorite leading men: Tom Selleck, Pierce Brosnan and Chris Hemsworth.


My parents gave her a much larger Tom Selleck poster.


She just read the lines out loud, with no explanation: “The older we get, the better we get! That’s so true! Bite me!” haha. It made more sense once we all saw the card.


Aunt Helen with Kaylee.


Pepper, who wanted me to get out of his spot on the couch.


Julie and the glass bottle of Coke she brought to drink during the party. (???)


Kasey had this cake custom made. (Can you tell Aunt Helen is a big Tom Selleck fan?)


Dreaming of Tom Selleck, I’m sure.


Aunt Helen with her sisters, Aunt Debbie and Aunt Gail.


Plus the brothers, my dad and Uncle John.


Aunt Helen and me, with the demon apparently haunting my house.


Dave, Kaylee and Kasey.


Mom and Julie.

That night, the Clash got rained out and postponed to the next morning.

Sunday morning, Clark got up early and went out and ran the 6.5-mile loop, and then I went out to do my 12-miler before the Clash started.

It was a beautiful day, warm enough for shorts and a T-shirt. I took it pretty easy the whole way, and finished 12.3 miles in 1:48 on the dot, an 8:46/mile average pace.

I got back just in time for the race. It was actually a pretty entertaining race. Jimmie stupid Johnson spun out all by himself twice. The first time, he bounced off another car and was able to gather it back up (though the other car got turned into the wall and wrecked), but the second time, the other car wasn’t there, so Jimmie finally hit the wall. A good start! Joey Logano wound up winning.

A few hours later, they held qualifying for the Daytona 500. Well, just for the front row. Chase Elliott got the pole for the second year in a row, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. will start second. Everyone else has to race in the Duels on Thursday to set the rest of the starting lineup.

Bobby, unfortunately, does not have even a part-time ride for these restrictor plate races this year.

Clark had gone to Cambridge to go for a bike ride with his former coworker, as they’re both doing Eagleman again this year. Later that evening, I went to Cambridge to meet them for a couple beers at RAR and some dinner at The High Spot.

Today, I’m about to go out and run the easy 5-miler on the schedule.


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