A Simple Running Log

February 17, 2017

Training for 2/17/17

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Today, I ran a lap around the 9.1-mile loop. It wasn’t quite as good a run as earlier in the week. It seemed like I was a little dehydrated or something. I kept getting side stitches. Other than that though, it was fine.

When I got home, Pepper hadn’t left any surprises in the utility room floor, which was appreciated, but he wanted to go out multiple times over the next half hour or so, to puke. I’m not sure what happened, but he seemed especially upset as I was leaving to run, so I’m wondering if he just got himself really worked up. He’s been totally fine again after he got that out of his system.

This weekend is light on running, compared to last weekend. Tomorrow morning, I’m running another free 5K in St. Michaels. So is Clark and one of his coworkers. I’m also taking Pepper, as long as he doesn’t start puking again. I think he’ll be fine for 3.1 miles. He’s got to miss running at least a little bit.

Sunday, I’ve got a 12-miler on the schedule for this week’s long run.

Other than running, we’re having a 70th birthday party for Aunt Helen tomorrow afternoon, which she’s already complaining about, and then there’s finally some NASCAR to watch – the Clash is tomorrow night, and Daytona 500 qualifying is Sunday afternoon!


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