A Simple Running Log

February 8, 2017

Training for 2/8/17

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So, Pepper had an episode yesterday morning. He kept going out, coming back in, pacing around and going right back out. Finally, the third or fourth time he went out, he stayed in the yard where I could see what he was doing — puking his damn brains out. Like, full body convulsions, loads of stomach bile and what looked like grass coming up. It scared the shit out of me, so I called his vet and they said I could bring him straight over.

As soon as I started getting my stuff together to leave, he acted like his normal self, sprinting around the house and yelping anxiously because he thought he was about to be left behind. He was fine on the ride to Easton, and when he got to the vet’s office, the vet took one look at him and said “You sure don’t look sick!”

The vet figured Pepper just ate something that didn’t agree with him, so he wasn’t too worried about the puking earlier that day. However, he was worried when we put Pepper on the scale, and he was back down to 56 lbs.

Clearly, his kidneys are still leaking protein. We didn’t draw blood or collect a urine sample to find out if the rate of leakage has gotten worse, but it’s obviously still a problem.

The thing is, there’s nothing they can really do for dogs with malfunctioning kidneys. If Pepper were a human, he’d be on dialysis or even an organ transplant list. But he’s a dog, so we just have to try to manage it with medication.

Bottom line though, unless something else gets Pepper first, my dog is one day going to die from kidney failure.

The vet also said it was for the best that I don’t take Pepper running anymore; he can’t spare the calories.

After a stop at Giant for corn oil and Pepcid AC, two things I’m now supposed to add to Pepper’s food every day, we went home.

I wound up not running yesterday, even though it was a bizarrely nice day for February. I didn’t want to leave Pepper alone, though he seemed like he felt fine again, and anyway, I really didn’t feel like doing anything. So I didn’t.

Today, it was even nicer outside, sunny and in the low 70s. I was still feeling pretty depressed about Pepper’s jacked up kidneys, but eventually, I hauled myself outside for this week’s middle distance run, a 10-miler.

Some people say they feel better when they run if they’re sad or angry. That’s never worked for me. I always just feel sluggish.

That was the case today. I couldn’t believe the weather — shorts and a tank top on Feb. 8! — but I just wasn’t into it. I missed my running buddy.

I passed up all the shortcuts though, and finished the 10.1-mile loop.


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