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February 6, 2017

Training for 2/6/17

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I actually stuck to my training plan this weekend!

Saturday morning was pretty damn cold and breezy. Sunday was supposed to be warmer, so I just did the shorter run on the schedule, a lap around the 6.5-mile loop.

It was so cold, I tried out for the first time the balaclava I got after the last cold snap a few weeks ago.

I only needed it pulled up over my nose for about the first mile, until I got out of the head-on wind, but I was glad to have it. And when I didn’t need full coverage anymore, it easily adjusted. I’m calling that $14 well spent. The run itself was fine.

That afternoon, Clark and I took Pepper to the Dogfish Head brewery in Milton, since dogs are allowed in the tasting room. We put his bright red coat on him since it was so cold out. Several people at the brewery asked if he was a service animal because of the color of his coat, which made me laugh, because if anyone could use a service animal, it’s Pepper haha.

We went next to the brewpub in Rehoboth to try a couple new exclusives on tap there. Pepper had to stay in the car for that one. We went to the beach house in Fenwick next, planning to stay the night, but when we got there, the house was freezing cold and turning on all the space heaters kept tripping a breaker, so we just went home.

Sunday, we were supposed to make chili to take to Mike’s later for the Super Bowl, so Clark went in the morning to get all that stuff. I stayed home with Pepper.

By the time Clark got back and I got changed into my running clothes, it was about 1:30 p.m. I didn’t really feel like doing a long run, but it was warmer than it’d been the day before, as promised, which was the whole reason I’d postponed it, so I made myself do it.

It was one of those runs that just never felt great, for no real reason. The weather was nice and it wasn’t too windy, but I just wasn’t into it. However, I actually ran the entire 12.2-mile loop. I also wore the Garmin to hold myself accountable, though I forgot to start the timer until about a half-mile down the road, when the watch buzzed to let me know it was going into power-saving mode. I managed an 8:30/mile pace for the 11.7 miles I measured.

By the time I got home, Clark had the chili going in the Crock Pot, and the house smelled amazing.

A while later, we were loading up my car to head over to Mike’s. I tried to start it and found out the battery was dead. Great! I noticed it’d been a little slow to start for the last few days, but I didn’t think the battery was that close to conking out.

That left Clark’s company car as the last running vehicle on our property haha. We moved everything to it and went over to Mike’s.

I guess it was a pretty good game if you’re a New England fan. I couldn’t believe Atlanta blew a 25-point lead like that.

I liked Lady Gaga’s halftime show, but I think my dad liked it more. He has always had a thing for “Bad Romance.” He blames the fact he ever heard it at all on my little sister and her friend, but that was, what, eight years ago? And he’s still singing it to himself all the time, according to my brother. So when she performed that song during the show last night, I texted my little sister to see if she was watching the game at home, and if Dad was singing along. She responded that not only was he singing it with Lady Gaga, he was singing “rah rah rah” before she started the show at all haha.

Anyway, this morning, I got up early enough to be the first customer at Auto Zone to get a new battery for my car. Those things got expensive over the past five years! I’m pretty sure the last one I bought was $90, tops. The one I got today was $144!

But, it did the trick. Clark got them swapped out and my car started right up. So we’re back to two out of five vehicles running. Well, I guess it’s three out of five. His truck starts and runs, it just doesn’t go anywhere, since the clutch hasn’t been fixed.

Today, I’m letting it warm up again before I go out for the short easy run on the schedule.


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