A Simple Running Log

January 30, 2017

Training for 1/30/17

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I’ve run some miles over the past few days, just not as many as I was supposed to.

Friday, I ran the 4.5-mile loop. I took Pepper with me for the first time all week, because Clark and I were going to have to leave Pep home that night when we went to Dogfish Head for Clark’s birthday.

Dogfish Head was good, as usual. Plenty of delicious beers on tap, and the live band was awesome too. We stayed until a little after midnight.


Saturday, I was supposed to run 20 miles, the first of three 20-milers in preparation for Shamrock. Well, I slept in. Then I made pancakes per Clark’s request, since Saturday was his actual 34th birthday. Then I finally put away all the ornaments on the real tree in the front room. Then my parents stopped by to drop off a birthday card for Clark.

By the time I went out to run, it was well past 2 p.m., and we had plans to be at Clark’s parents’ house later for another birthday dinner.

So I only ran the 10.1-mile loop. Short, but better than nothing. It turned out to be a pretty enjoyable run at least.

When I got home, Clark had taken the lights off the tree and dragged the thing to the back yard. More than a month after Christmas, everything is finally put away.

I also got this picture of Pepper. He looks like this a lot. Like the hate is rising but he’s still adorable haha. I don’t know why he makes this face all the time.


Dinner that night was excellent. Clark had asked his mom to make some typical New Orleans food, so we started with crawfish dip, and then his dad steamed some more crawfish. I’d had crawfish meat before, like the way it was served in the dip, but I’d never cracked one open myself. I was surprised how little of each crawfish you actually eat. It’s just the tail — the rest of it is waste.

Anyway, his mom also made crab-stuffed catfish and shrimp gumbo over rice, and we had a salad and fruit along with it, with chocolate cupcakes for dessert.

Sunday morning, I got up in time for a quick run before I was supposed to meet my friends to finally exchange our Christmas gifts. I did a lap around the 6.5-mile loop. It was another good run.

Later that morning, we all met for brunch, staying almost until the restaurant closed for the day. It takes us forever to coordinate everyone’s schedules so we can spend a little time together, so we like to drag it out when it finally happens.

Last night, for dinner, Clark and I cooked a couple of beef tenderloins in the cast-iron skillet and put the leftover crawfish dip on top. It was so good!

It snowed overnight. We woke up this morning to quite a bit of accumulation, but 95 percent of it melted throughout the day. By the time I went out to run late this afternoon, the roads were completely clear. I did another easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop.


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