A Simple Running Log

January 26, 2017

Training for 1/26/17

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Today, I ran a lap around the 5.5-mile loop. It was still just barely warm enough for shorts, but it was pretty windy. At one point, running head on into it, I had tears, snot and drool running down my face. So glamorous.

Other than the wind though, it was a good run. My legs felt a lot less sore than they did yesterday.

I forgot to mention something yesterday. There are a couple deer carcasses along my usual running routes right now — all idiots that ran out in front of cars, like the dangerous pea-brained idiots they are, I’m sure — and yesterday, I saw two of those carcasses being picked over by bald eagles.

I know bald eagles will eat carrion (there was a pair that used to hang around the pit where my dad dumped his dead chickens every day), but it always surprises me to see a bald eagle acting like a damn turkey vulture. I want to yell at them “You’re supposed to be more majestic than that!”

The second one I saw yesterday flew off as I was running up on it. I can’t see very well without glasses, so I wasn’t 100 percent sure it was an eagle. Then I glanced over to the right and saw a guy, pretty much standing in the trees, with a camera with a huge telescope lens. Not something you see every day around here! I hope that really was an eagle, and that guy was a wildlife photography enthusiast, because otherwise, that was really weird haha.


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