A Simple Running Log

January 25, 2017

Training for 1/25/17

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Yesterday, I didn’t run before I had to go cover something in the morning, and by the time I got home late in the afternoon, I had zero motivation to go out and run in the cold wind. So I did some strength training at home.

Last night, Clark and I went to The Fork + Flask at Nage, a Rehoboth restaurant with a needlessly complicated name we’d not tried yet. It was pretty good, but the presentation was… also a little needlessly complicated. My cedar-planked salmon came with a small pile of still-burning cinnamon sticks haha:


Those strips in the middle are butternut squash, by the way. They were pretty good. I mean, it was all good, but damn. Kinda try-hard.

Dessert was excellent too. It was cheesecake brulee with sherbet and meringue:


Today, the weather had improved quite a bit. It was sunny and 60 freaking degrees this afternoon! I went out in shorts and a T-shirt to run the 10.5-mile loop, this week’s middle distance run.

I made Pepper stay home. He’s been being really weird about his dog food lately (though he’ll still immediately scarf down any dog treats or human food) and I don’t think he needs to run off any extra calories until he starts eating normally again.

I took my phone specifically to get a picture of some “street art” I saw the last time I ran this particular route that made me laugh pretty hard (but I won’t post it here because it’s kind of offensive if you don’t think dick jokes are as funny as I do.) However, I will post the picture I took of the horse I see every day, who was still wearing his blanket in spite of the unseasonably warm weather. Maybe he feels dapper in it and didn’t want it removed.


He tolerates me, but I think he really likes Pepper, since Pepper is often wearing a similar-looking “blanket.” I swear he gives Pep a nod haha.

Anyway, the weather was great, but my legs were embarrassingly sore after doing squats and lunges yesterday. I felt a little like the Tin Man lurching down the road. Overall though, it was a pretty great run for this time of year.


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