A Simple Running Log

January 23, 2017

Training for 1/23/17

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Saturday morning, Clark left pretty early to go surfing. We were going to have to leave Pepper home alone in the afternoon, so I took him with me for the 9-miler on the weekend’s schedule.

The first three miles were molasses slow. He kept stopping to sniff, pee and poop. I didn’t mind so much though, because every dump he took on the side of the road was one less I was going to have to worry about cleaning up when we got home later.

By the time we got to the ferry, he’d finally gotten everything out of his system, and the last 6.5 miles were quite a bit faster (except for when I had to stop in the woods for a bathroom break of my own less than 1.5 miles from home.) Other than all the pooping, it was a pretty nice lap around the 9.5-mile loop.

That afternoon, we went to Dave and Kasey’s house to celebrate Kaylee’s second birthday. She’s into Daniel Tiger, so Kasey got this shirt made for her:


So cute!

After the party broke up, Clark and I went to RAR Brewing in Cambridge for a bit, had dinner at Jimmie and Sook’s and came home to — no dog poop! What a good boy.

Sunday, I was supposed to do 19 miles but I… didn’t. I really have no excuse other than I just didn’t feel like running for close to three hours. So I just did a lap around the 4.5-mile loop in the early afternoon and called it good enough. Lame, I know.

Today, the weather went from gray and dreary to pouring rain and screaming wind. I guess there’s a nor’easter passing through.

I waited as long as I could to do the short easy run on today’s schedule. By the time I finally went out at 4 p.m. (sans Pepper), the rain had slacked off from a torrential downpour, but it was still coming down pretty steadily, and the wind was blowing at a sustained 25 mph.

They say there’s no such thing as bad running weather, just bad gear. They are wrong! Today was a shitty weather day for a run.

The whole first mile was head-on into the wind. I felt like I was running up a mountain. I was completely gassed by the time I made it to an intersection and got to turn so the wind was at least only coming from the side for the next mile. The cold rain pelting my face wasn’t helping either.

The couple of miles where the wind was mostly at my back wasn’t bad at all. I even did something nice and dragged a fallen tree branch off the road.

The last 3/10ths of a mile or so were once again head-on into the wind. I was barely moving. It was like running through quicksand, so I just slowed to a walk a little earlier than usual. My only thought at that point was “This is so stupid” haha.

But, it was 4.5 miles in the books. When I got home, Pepper looked like he almost agreed I’d done him a favor by leaving him behind, as much as he hates being alone.


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