A Simple Running Log

January 12, 2017

Training for 1/12/17

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I really was going to do this week’s 9-mile middle distance run this morning. Then I barely got any sleep last night. Then the wind kicked up to something in the 20 mph range.

So, new plan — I took Pepper to Trap Pond State Park to run a lap around the 4.5-mile boundary trail. Half the distance, no wind thanks to the tree cover, no dog poop waiting for me in the house afterwards. Shorts and T-shirt weather in January. Sounded good.

And it was a decent run. I wore the Garmin just to be sure on the distance. We did 4.5 miles on the nose. It was quite the progression run too. First mile was 11:30, as Pepper peed/sniffed/pooped to his little heart’s content, second was 9:59, for more of the same, next two sped up to 8:26 and 7:51 as Pepper decided he was ready to be done. Overall average pace was 9:25/mile.

I also took three weeks’ worth of recycling to the landfill, since that’s the only place Delaware will now take it. I’m still pissed at all the jerks who left so much trash in the recycling bins that used to be sprinkled around the state that they just took all those away and decided we can all drive to the landfills.

Then I picked up a baby shower gift for this weekend and my aunt’s garage door opener from my brother so I can get her car tomorrow and pick her up from the airport. I’m honestly a little surprised she’s even coming back from Kentucky!

While I was out, I saw coming up in my side view mirror a car like mine, just missing a good chunk of the front end, with a shattered windshield. I thought there was someone who needed an upgrade way more than I did. Then it passed me and I saw the temporary tag on the back. Oh shit haha. That IS the upgrade. Good luck with that!


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