A Simple Running Log

January 10, 2017

Training for 1/10/17

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Pepper and I have done a couple short easy runs over the past two afternoons.

Yesterday, we ran the 4.5-mile loop. It was still below freezing all day, and the roads were a mix of clear pavement in some places and slick ice in others. Not a lot of in between. We ran where we could and tiptoed across the ice where we had to.

Pep was acting like his feet were really bothering him (every single one got “injured” at different points, but then quickly recovered), but he seemed fine once we got back inside and I washed off all the road salt with a soapy paper towel. Clark said we should get some dog boots, but we’ve put Pepper in socks before (hasn’t everyone with an animal put clothes on it just to see what happened?) and I just don’t see him liking boots. Might be worth considering though — the other option is leaving him home alone on cold days, and then cleaning up the vengeance turds when I get back.

Today, we again ran the 4.5-mile loop. It had warmed up enough — above freezing! — that I could lose the thermal tights and just wear regular ones, and I only needed one layer on top. The roads had also cleared up enough I could wear regular road shoes instead of trail shoes.

Pepper’s feet didn’t seem to bother him at all today, which is good. I still cleaned them up for him again when we got home.

I held off on the two longer runs on this week’s schedule for tomorrow, which is supposed to get even warmer, to 50, and Thursday, which is now supposed to see a high of 64! Sounds great!


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