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January 9, 2017

Training for 1/9/17

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We didn’t get so lucky with the forecasted snow over the weekend, unfortunately. This was the scene outside the back door around 12:30 p.m. Saturday:


However, I took this picture AFTER I came back from my run. That’s right — I didn’t punk out and let the snow and well-below freezing wind chill keep me inside. Admittedly, I shaved a few miles off the 8 on the training schedule, but any miles at all in this mess is a step up for me.

I layered up for this run in the fleece-lined thermal tights I bought on clearance during a heatwave back in July that, at that time, felt like I’d never actually need; a mock neck base layer top; a heavy duty top layer; SmartWool high-cut socks that came up over the hem of the tights; a fleece scarf to cover my face when running into the wind; my Shamrock finisher’s hat to keep the snow out of my eyes; sunglasses to block what the hat missed; a fleece ear band over the hat; my thickest fleece gloves; and, of course, the true MVP of a snowy run — trail shoes.


Way better than screw shoes!

I also wore the Garmin 220 for the first time since inheriting it after Christmas, out of curiosity.

The road we live on is surrounded by mostly open fields, which are obviously barren this time of year. When the wind is blowing while it’s snowing like it was Saturday, we get a ton of drifting across that road, even when they try to plow it.

There really wasn’t anywhere good to run on that road, which makes up most of the first mile of every one of my runs. And when a couple 4-wheel-drive trucks approached, I just stepped off the road completely into snow up to my shins and waited for them to pass. As a result, that first mile took 9:37 to finish and felt like three miles.

It got better after I turned off that road though. The drifting wasn’t too bad, so the footing was better, and the wind wasn’t in my face anymore. I actually enjoyed it enough to pass up the first turn for the shortest loop and run a little farther.

My miles got progressively faster too: 8:44, 8:33, 8:29, 8:20 and 5:04 for the final 0.6 mile. I ran 5.6 miles in 48:50, an 8:43/mile overall average pace.

The only people I saw out during the entire run were a few trying to get their money’s worth out of their trucks, and the mail carrier. Yep, the little rollerskate-sized mail truck was chugging right along.

I have to say, those thermal tights were a spectacular buy! Last winter, on the super cold days, I tried doubling up on regular tights, which was better than only one pair, but still not enough. In one pair of thermal tights, I never felt uncomfortably cold, and I also didn’t get overheated. I am so glad I got them.

In fact, the only thing on me that got uncomfortable was my face. It’s hard to tie a scarf in place and keep it there. I really need something better.

Anyway, I stayed in with Clark and Pepper the rest of Saturday. The snow finished by 6 p.m. According to the news, we got 9 in. here, but it was hard to tell because of the wind and drifting.

Pepper is not a fan of snow. Every time he came back inside after going out to use the bathroom (as quickly as possible), he wanted to snuggle.


Wedged himself between Clark’s back and the couch for maximum toastiness, with a look on his face that clearly says he is over this crap already.

So we got out his blanket for him.


Sunday, the sun came out, but it was still well below freezing and very windy, so the snow went absolutely nowhere.

In spite of sorta enjoying my run Saturday afternoon, I had little desire to put on all that clothing and go out and run longer Sunday.

Clark went out and ran first. When he got back, I sucked it up and went out for my own run.

I was supposed to do 17 this weekend, but I did not feel like trying to get in 17 miles in those windy, freezing cold and undoubtedly slippery road conditions. I told Clark I was going to try to do the 9-mile loop and he gave me a look that said “Good luck with that!”

I wore the Garmin again, and I took my phone with me to get a few pictures, because as much as I hate snow, it is kinda pretty on a clear sunny day like yesterday.

The road we live on wasn’t much better than the day before. There was still a lot of drifting. I ran the first mile in 9:11.

Once again though, it got better after I turned off that road.

Miles 2 and 3 sped up to 8:34 and 8:35. Near the beginning of the third mile, I stopped to take a couple pictures.



Continuing on… mile 4 was 8:31. I ran past the ferry, which wasn’t running yesterday, in the next mile. Mile 5 clocked in at 8:31.

About halfway through the next mile, I stopped to eat a GU. Might as well take a couple more pictures while I was there.




Why my foot felt colder all of a sudden.

I finished mile 6 in 8:30, passing along the way a couple kids riding on the only snowmobile I’ve ever seen around here (it also looked like the first snowmobile ever made.) The next part of the run slowed down as I left the woods and its protection from the wind.

I made another turn and had to face the wind head-on for the first time, so I stopped to tie the scarf around my face again. The road I was now on had also not been plowed at all; the only tracks were from a 4-wheeler someone had used to do donuts. It was a rutted mess.

Mile 7 slowed to 8:55 and mile 8 to 9:00. In the final mile, I had my only near-slip of the entire run, but luckily, the foot that slipped caught on the other foot as it was planting on the road, and I managed to stay upright.

I finished mile 9 in 8:42 and one more 10th of a mile in 51 seconds, bringing the day’s total mileage to 9.1 in 1:19, an 8:45/mile overall average.

So, I didn’t run the number of miles I was supposed to this weekend, but the ones I did run were a lot harder than normal, so I’m satisfied with it. It’s supposed to warm up into the low 60s by Thursday, so better running weather is on its way.

It’s not here yet though. Today is still below freezing, but at least the wind died. Pepper doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going for a short run with me soon.



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