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December 26, 2016

Training for 12/26/16

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Well, I think we pulled off Christmas.

Saturday, I finally did all the crap to get ready to host Christmas Eve that I should’ve been doing all week. Cleaned the house, folded and put away the gigantic pile of clean laundry, helped Clark take the screens out of the window, etc. I also made Aunt Helen’s veggie pizza, per her recipe, which I think was supposed to be for two separate pizzas, but I stacked up all the ingredients, so I wound up with what I was calling a deep dish veggie pizza. Whatever!

In the meantime, Clark went to the liquor store and bought so much the guy who rang him up asked if he could come to our party.

Late in the afternoon, I went out and ran an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. I had more on the schedule, but that’s really all I had time for. Better than nothing.

The party was a success.


My brother-in-law, Huey, who doesn’t really drink anymore, after he let Kara make him three Grey Goose and cranberries haha.

And that was pretty early in the proceedings!


Clark, me and Dave in our best ugly Christmas sweaters.


Uncle John and my dad, who accidentally won best Christmas sweater.


Becky and Kara after they finished off the Grey Goose and moved on to the Tito’s.


Clark’s dad, mom, aunt and grandmother reacting to something Clark was saying.


Pepper was over it by 11:30, ready for everyone to get out of his house so he could go to bed.

Unfortunately for Pep, the party wasn’t anywhere close to over yet at that point, and it was after 1:30 a.m. when the last guests left. By the time I got the house put back together and went to bed it was almost 2:30.

We didn’t have to be at Clark’s parents’ house until 10 a.m. Christmas Day, so I thought I was going to get to sleep in. Not so much! Clark insisted we get up before 7 to start opening gifts.

We let Pepper open his first. He got a new running jacket, like the one he’s worn the last four years, but insulated, and a new harness. He was not very jazzed about those haha. He did like his new squeaky toy and the bag of grilled venison filet treats though.

Clark gave me the waterproof iPod shuffle I was hoping for, as well as a new Seiko kinetic watch. I’ve had a kinetic Swatch watch for two years, but the thing could only store enough energy to run for about 10 hours after you take it off. Since I don’t wear it when I’m working from home, I had to shake it to get it running and reset it pretty much every time I wanted to wear it. Then it started keeping terrible time, and then it just quit running altogether about four months ago.

Clark’s had a kinetic Seiko for years, that stores up to six months of energy and keeps perfect time, so hopefully this will be the last watch I ever need.

I gave Clark a Garmin Fenix 3 (which means I inherited his Garmin 220), a cold weather Nike running top and a couple more pairs of Smartwool running socks. He’s planning on Eagleman again in June, and wants to start training in January, so he should be set.

We spent the rest of the morning and the afternoon at Clark’s parents’ house. Christmas brunch with his family is one of my favorite meals all year, especially the eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and the strawberry danish.

In the evening, we went to my parents’ house for Christmas dinner. Clark was pretty drunk and told my dad my two least favorite words in the English language, which my dad and pretty much everyone else repeated ad nauseam the rest of the time I was trying to eat. Let me tell you, I could’ve gone the rest of my life without hearing “moist” or “squirt” ever again, and I definitely didn’t need to hear them 200 times in a 20-minute span from everyone I’m related to!

Anyway, we exchanged gifts after dinner. As a gag gift, to go along with the Copper Hands arthritis pain-relieving gloves I got last year, Dave gave me a pair of anti-glare “night vision” glasses:


These came in pretty handy much sooner than expected.

Clark passed out in a recliner right after we got done opening presents. It started with a couple of bows on his head, and quickly devolved from there. My family was in hysterics as people added more decorations to the sleeping drunk guy. Definitely the most entertaining part of the evening!



Aunt Debbie unwrapping a Hershey’s kiss to put in his hand, hoping it’d melt and then he’d smear it across his face when he woke up.


It kept falling out of his hand though, so we stuck it on his face, and my brother put on the finishing touch:


So festive haha. I removed everything before I woke him up to go home. He had no idea any of this happened until I showed him all the pictures this morning. Fortunately he found it all as funny as the rest of us did!

As soon as we got home, I went straight to bed. Today, I haven’t done much, but we did send this picture to my brother, of me using my Copper Hands and my new anti-glare glasses to play the handheld game system he gave me last year:


Getting old isn’t so bad now with all these new technological advancements!

Anyway, judging by how many of my family members told me yesterday how much they enjoyed having Christmas Eve at our house compared to Aunt Helen’s (quote from Aunt Gail: “Helen would’ve thought we were being too loud!”) I think we might have just accidentally permanently inherited hosting duties. Two days later, our house still smells like the oil Aunt Gail uses to fry shrimp, but other than that, I didn’t mind having everyone here, so that’s fine with me.

Today, I still need to go for a run. I was going to go by myself earlier, after I’d loaded some music on my new iPod, but I waited too long. Clark went to Annapolis with his dad to fix the boiler at his brother’s house, which means I’m here alone with Pepper, which means he gets to go with me, which means the return of music to my runs will have to wait until another day.


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