A Simple Running Log

December 23, 2016

Training for 12/23/16

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Happy Festivus! And merry Christmas Eve eve!

I have so much to do before everyone gets here tomorrow night for Christmas Eve, and I haven’t done any of it. Why do I always do this to myself? Oh well…

I did manage to get Pepper outside earlier for the 7-miler on the schedule. About two miles down the road, we ran into a woman walking a very large Akita I’d never seen before. The dog was friendly and wanted to play with Pepper, but of course Pepper was doing everything he could to avoid socializing. He’d be so happy if every other dog in the world just disappeared one day.

Anyway, the woman said she just moved to the area from northern Delaware this past summer, and she runs too, but she hasn’t been able to for a while as she’s been recovering from a fractured knee, the result of a freak accident caused by her dog.

She guessed Pepper was about a year old, tops, and was very surprised to hear he’s actually 8. She was also impressed that he’s run up to 12 miles with me.

The rest of the way around the 7.3-mile loop was routine. It was a nice day for a run, but it wasn’t quite as warm as I’d thought when I got dressed in shorts and a thin long-sleeved shirt. I was pretty chilly by the time we made it home.

Guess I better get to work here. I hope everyone has a merry Christmas this weekend!


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