A Simple Running Log

December 22, 2016

Training for 12/22/16

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This morning, I took Pepper out as soon as possible for a quick 3-miler. I wore the new 1400s that came in the mail yesterday. They felt so good!

Even better, Pepper took a massive dump while we were out, because I was going to have to leave him home while I drove my aunt to the airport. I swear he knew he’d just messed up after he did it — he just stood there and glared at me, like he knew exactly why I was so happy to see him do that haha.

I took a shower, left my sad dog at home and picked up Aunt Helen. She chattered the whole way to the airport, about Bill, about her runny sinuses, about all the ways flying has changed since the last time she flew (pre-9/11.) She seemed a little disappointed when she found out Bill wouldn’t be able to meet her right at the gate like the olden days, but she bounced back from that pretty quickly after he sent her a text message. I have to say, the whole thing was adorable. I’ve never seen Aunt Helen like this. She practically ran into the airport when I dropped her off at the curb.

I also thought it was funny, when we were talking about Christmas presents, and I told her Clark got me a waterproof iPod for running, because I’ve drowned the last three in sweat. She could not believe I produce that much sweat when I run. She was especially grossed out when I told her sometimes I can hear my feet squelching in my shoes, when it’s not raining haha.

Anyway, I got her car safely back to her garage, and then I came back home to release Pepper from his fortress of solitude, so everyone’s happy again.


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