A Simple Running Log

December 7, 2016

Training for 12/7/16

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Today marked the beginning of Pepper’s least favorite time of the year: dork jacket season.


OK, I took this after the run, when he was expecting his treat, which is the main reason he looks like this.


See? He looks less tortured here now that he got it.

Anyway, today was the first time Pepper’s had to wear this thing this fall. I’m donating blood later this morning, so we had to run early. Otherwise I’m sure I’d have put off running until this afternoon, when it’d have warmed up enough Pepper wouldn’t have needed it.

We did a lap around the 6.5-mile loop. As usual, Pepper wanted to turn around when we hit 1.5 miles, and just do the 3-mile out-and-back. Today he did something extra though — when it was clear I wasn’t turning around, he lifted up his right rear leg, like it was suddenly so injured he couldn’t put any weight on it, and hopped around on the other three legs.

I think he really thought he was on to something there haha. Somehow I saw through the ruse. I called him a lazy asshole and made him keep running the way I wanted to go. Three hops later, his leg made a miraculous full recovery and he made it the rest of the way home.


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