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December 5, 2016

Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon recap

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I ran a decent race this weekend in Rehoboth. I didn’t hit my A goal, but I ran my fastest half marathon in more than two years, even with yet another bathroom break in the woods, so I’m happy with it.

Friday night, Clark and I got to Rehoboth 10 minutes before packet pick-up closed, got our race bibs and event shirts and then arrived at the house. I just had some spaghetti for dinner there at the house and hung out with everyone for a bit before we all headed to bed. Clark, on the other hand, went to Dogfish Head and treated himself to a Thanksgiving leftover-inspired sandwich called the Gobbler and a mug or seven of beer, including a World Wide Stout. He got back around midnight.

My alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. I felt MUCH better than I had Friday morning. Clark was regretting his choices the night before, but he dragged himself out of bed.

With the 11 mph winds at the start, the “feels like” temp was around freezing, and while the sun was going to come up and warm things up a bit, the winds were going to pick up and keep it feeling pretty cold. I went with a thin pair of full-length tights and a mock neck top that had a second layer on the front to help further block wind from reaching my core.

Around 6:40 a.m., we left the house to make the half-mile walk to the start near the boardwalk. I had the heat sheet I’d saved after Philly, so it actually didn’t feel too bad.


Loopsters in varying states of dress heading to the race start line.

We got there about 10 minutes before the 7 a.m. start. I got to pet the chubbiest weimaraner I’ve ever seen, who was waiting on the sidewalk with a spectator, and then I got in the starting pack near the 3:25 marathon pacer. I, of course, was running the half, but I only saw 1:40 and 1:50 pacers for the half, so I wanted to be somewhere in between them.


The fast guys on the start line.

We got the starting commands and we were off!

The first mile was crowded as always, so I just let the pack carry me along. I looked down at the first split: 8:39. A nice warm up mile, but it was time to get going.

As we ran the second mile, I sped up and started moving around people. Mile 2 was 8:06.

Mile 3 carried us out toward Gordon’s Pond State Park and the first turnaround. I saw Corc, who was lead female in the half at that point, Mr. Bacon and Ken coming back from the turnaround on my way toward it. My third mile split was 7:52.

I made the turnaround myself just after mile 3. Then the full and half marathon courses split, as the full marathon continued toward Cape Henlopen State Park and the half went back the way we’d just came.

Through the next mile, I looked for friends running behind me toward the turnaround. I missed most of them, including Clark, but I spotted Jen and Chris.

Mile 4 clicked off in 7:49. I was feeling pretty good!

The next mile mostly occupied a long straightaway through a little residential neighborhood. I slowed a hair to 7:57.

Right after that, we ran through a popular spectating point and then a water stop. I took a salt cap with my water there.

The next mile ran through Rehoboth and out toward the Junction and Breakwater Trail. I ran mile 6 in 7:59. Not far past that marker was another water stop. I took the time to eat a GU just before I got to the stop, so I could wash it down with water.

It was just a little farther to the beginning of the trail, which we would run on for roughly the next five miles.

I’d worn my wear test shoes because I liked them so much on that trail I ran in Phoenix. Fortunately, I was also happy with them on the trail in this race. Because of the time I took to eat the GU before I got on the trail though, that mile was still a little slow, 8:12.

The next few miles on the trail hovered around 8:00 pace. I ran mile 8 in 8:02, and mile 9 in 7:57. The second turnaround was right there at mile 9. Now I was on my way back to the finish!

Once again I looked for other runners I knew heading toward the turnaround. I didn’t have to wait long until I spotted Clark, not that far behind me and looking just fine. What the hell!

Not much before mile 10, I started to feel the first warning signs that I was going to need to make my traditional Rehoboth bathroom break in the woods along that trail after all. But I only had a little over a 5K to go! I really wanted to run this race straight through for once.

As we came up on one of the bridges along the trail, a woman two runners in front of me peeled off the trail and headed out into the woods. I knew what she was up to!

I ran mile 10 in 8:03. The gut rumblings were getting more urgent.

Just before I got to the next mile marker, I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. I made my own detour out into the woods and took care of business. I was relatively quick, but still. I was pissed I was losing any time at all to my cranky butt once again!

I came back out of the woods and started running again. I felt so much better. I ran mile 11 in 9:05 with the stop. We finished the out-and-back on the trail and got back on pavement.

The final two miles, after the bathroom stop, were my best of the race, now that I didn’t have to think about all the pressure in my guts. Mile 12 was 7:45 and 13 was 7:41.

As we were coming up on the final two turns of the course, I recognized the shorts and compression socks right in front of me — it was the woman who’d had to run into the woods just before I did. Apparently we take the same amount of time in the woods. Twinsies haha.

I passed her and another woman as we came to the finish line. Officially, I finished in 1:46:00, an 8:05/mile pace.

If only I hadn’t had to poop again! Clearly I lost at least a minute in that mile. I could’ve hit my B goal of sub-1:45.

Oh well. That was still my fastest half marathon since May 2014. At least I’m headed in the right direction.

And I placed pretty well — 10th of 121 in my age group, 57th of 1,037 female runners and 180th of 1,547 overall.

I got a finisher’s medal and a heat sheet and made a lap around the party tent, looking for my friends who’d finished ahead of me. I didn’t see anyone in there so I figured they must have gone back to the house to change into dry clothes.

The house’s location was so convenient after the finish! It was a two-minute walk, if even that. Perfect.

When I got back, I found everyone who’d finished ahead of me, and my phone already had a text message with Clark’s finish time — 1:53:22. He PR’d with a hangover haha. Who does that? He showed up a couple minutes later.

We changed clothes and headed back to the tent to start celebrating and wait for everyone else to finish their races. Dogfish Head was the beer sponsor this year. They had 60 Minute IPA, Beer for Breakfast (a stout brewed with scrapple) and Punkin Ale on tap. Unlimited full beers for all runners.

As usual, we all overdid it, but if there’s an appropriate time to get smashed before 2 p.m., it’s when no one has to drive or even stumble any farther than a few feet before they can crash in bed for a much-needed nap.

I’ll just leave some pictures here.


We didn’t know this guy, but we all agreed we hope to be him one day.


Carissa doing her impression of that guy after she ran a 3:19 marathon and finished fourth female overall.


Corc and her overall female masters winner award.


The Dogfish Head beer truck.


Carissa, Steve, Corc and Caitlin.


Clark and me.


Chris and me — I hadn’t seen her since Shamrock 2012.


Caitlin, me and Angie.


Steve, Ken, Mr. Bacon, Chris, Elaine (who I hadn’t seen since Shamrock 2011), me, Caitlin and Corc.

So much fun!

The afternoon was lost to napping. That evening, we got some pizza for dinner at the house, and then we went out. As we were leaving, we all agreed we could have just as easily just gone back to bed haha. We’re all so old!

Anyway, everyone else headed to the Purple Parrot, but Clark and I wanted to stop by Dogfish Head first.


On the way to meet everyone else at the Purple Parrot, Clark stopped to pose in a sleigh that thankfully managed to stay in one piece despite being made of cheap particle board.


By the time we got to the Purple Parrot, everyone else had decided it was lame and gone to Conch Island, so we finally met back up with them there.

At one point, Clark was double-fisting Moscow mules, which JB just happened to capture perfectly.


Clark, Jen and I headed back to the house, enjoyed a nice selection of sliced cheeses someone had left in the fridge and then called it a night.

Sunday, I didn’t feel too bad when I woke up. We went and got breakfast, but when we got back to the house, Clark went back to bed, and stayed there the rest of the day. I think everything finally caught up with him.

I spent Sunday hanging out with everyone still there, and saying goodbye to people as they left to go home throughout the day. A group of us also went to a nearby Thai place for lunch.

By Sunday evening, Clark finally felt well enough to get out of bed again, so he, Angie and I went to Chesapeake & Maine for dinner. The only other two staying Sunday night, Caitlin and Chris, had both gone to bed by the time we got back, so we all just went to bed too.

This morning, we were all up bright and early to put the house back in order and hit the road. Another successful Rehoboth weekend had come to an end. I won’t see any of them again until Shamrock at the earliest.

Missing from this year’s Rehoboth festivities was the annual slore group picture. Sadly, Allison and Jillian had to miss it, and it just wasn’t the same without them! Hopefully we can all be together with our tiaras again next year.


Jen, me and Corc trying to carry on.

Anyway, with Rehoboth done and behind me, it’s time to get back into training for my next goal race, the Shamrock Marathon in March. Today, I have an easy 3-miler and strength training on the schedule.

One last thing — I got Pepper a seasonably-appropriate chew toy this weekend. He quickly began his annual Santa slaughter as soon as he got his paws on it this morning. So cute!


The mustache and nose came off a minute after I took this.


Santa will be in 215 pieces by Christmas, scattered throughout the house, of course.

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