A Simple Running Log

November 29, 2016

Training for 11/29/16

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I had a 6-mile easy run on the schedule for today, but it’s windy and raining outside and I never felt like doing it. So I didn’t. Maybe I’ll go upstairs here in a minute and do some much-neglected strength training before I have to take a shower and go cover a meeting for the paper.

Today, they posted the bib numbers for the Rehoboth half marathon. I’m 1232 and Clark is 1233. I also got my phone set up to receive text messages as we cross timing mats along the course. Just a few more days!

I’m mulling over a goal time for this race. I haven’t run a really good half in a long time. My PR is 1:37 but I haven’t run better than 1:44 since the St. Michaels half — in 2014. Two and a half years ago!

Based on the 6:58/mile pace I ran in a 5K over the past weekend, I’m going to set my A goal for Rehoboth at 7:45/mile pace, which would bring me to the finish line in 1:41:30. My B goal is 1:45 (8:00/mile pace) and C goal is anything under the 1:50 I ran in the Monster Mash half a month ago, which was a training run and required a bathroom break in a corn field.

I think my digestive system will be the biggest obstacle. Except for the first time I ran Rehoboth, in 2009, I have had to stop to use the bathroom at least once every time I’ve done this race. And I haven’t gotten through a half marathon without a bathroom break all year. St. Michaels was the worst — three times! Really hoping I don’t do again whatever the hell I did to upset it so much that day.


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