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November 28, 2016

Training for 11/28/16

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Saturday morning, I ran my best 5K in a long time, and I’m pretty happy about it!

TK and her mom picked me up around 7:30 a.m. to drive to Rehoboth for the Huffin’ for Pumpkin Pie 5K. It was breezy and cold. Two weeks ago, I’d have probably been bothered by the weather, but after Philly last week, my perspective on what is truly sucky running weather has shifted considerably.

We were parked outside Grove Park more than a half-hour before the 9 a.m. start. We got our bibs and long-sleeved race shirts, and then I took off for a slightly longer than normal warm-up, since I had the time.

I ran 1.5 miles, a straight out and back on the long straightaway that makes up the beginning and end of the race course. Turned out we had the kind of wind that felt like it was in your face no matter which direction you were running. Oh well!

I got back to the park just as the race director was telling everyone to head to the start line.

My goal for the race was 21:42 or better — sub-7:00/mile pace. I ran 21:56 on the exact same course in early July. Even though it’d only been six days since a tough marathon, and I haven’t done any speed work in months, I felt like the much cooler weather than the July race would be enough to get me back under that 7:00/mile barrier.

We got the start commands and took off. There’s an immediate right turn that’s always kinda dicey right at the beginning, when we’re all packed in together and trying to sort ourselves out by pace, but then we hit that straightaway for almost the rest of the first mile and things spread out.

I felt OK in that first mile. I was trying to settle into a rhythm, but it’s been a long time since I tried to race a 5K and my body was not immediately into it.

I heard the Garmin beep as I passed the first mile marker and glanced down at the split: 6:56. Right on target! Now came the hard part though — maintaining that speed in the second mile, when I’m getting tired but nowhere close to the finish line.

I told myself I felt great and I had this. Who cares if it’s a lie?

I picked off a few more runners as the second mile took us past the boardwalk and back through the residential neighborhood. I heard the second mile beep and looked at the split: 6:59!

I only fell off three seconds in the second mile! So many times I’ve slowed down by a solid 30 seconds, and I was expecting that to be the case again. Seeing another sub-7 split was the boost I needed with one mile left.

The course took a couple more quick turns and then we were back on that long straightaway to the finish line. I’d been gaining on the only other female runner in my sight through the second mile, and resolved to catch and pass her before the finish.

When I’d been standing in the starting pack waiting for the race to begin, a kid behind me was telling someone else to concentrate on the feet of the runner you’re trying to catch, and it’ll make you speed up. I didn’t hear the logic behind the theory, but I decided to test it out. I stared at her feet as they got closer and closer. When I pulled up alongside her, she sped up for a few strides to try to match me, but then I pulled away. Got her!

I heard the Garmin beep as I passed the third mile marker, but I didn’t look down. I later saw the split was 6:53, my fastest mile of the race.


Coming to the line.

I crossed the line in 21:39 — a 6:58/mile pace! Nailed it!

I was really happy with my race. I’m still a minute off my PR, set in the same race five years ago, but I’m closer to it than I’ve been in a long time.

I walked around the park to catch my breath and then took off for a cool down jog. I found the house we’re staying in this coming weekend for the Rehoboth half marathon. It’s steps from the finish line, by far the best location we’ve gotten in the four years now we’ve rented a house as a group. The only downside is the street it’s on is half closed because of construction, so there’s not really any street parking immediately around it, but it’s really close to the main drag, with plenty of free parking, so it’s not a big deal.

I wound up running about another mile and got back to the park in time to catch TK finishing.

When they posted the results, I was second of 22 in my age group (first place beat me by 30 seconds.) I was also fifth of 202 women and 24th overall of 349 total finishers.

After the awards wrapped up, we got coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts and then hit the outlets. I managed to find a good gift for the person I got in my family’s secret Santa exchange and shoes to replace the ones I drenched in wine last week.

That evening, Clark and I went with his parents to the Talbot Smokehouse in Trappe. I haven’t been there since it was Mitchum’s Steakhouse. Everything was delicious, when it finally arrived. That might have been the slowest service I’ve ever had.

Sunday, I ran a very slow, easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. I wasn’t that sore from the 5K, but I definitely felt worn out. They sound so easy compared to a marathon just because of the distance, but the effort needed to really race one is right up there.

We were going to get our tree that afternoon, but Clark’s truck had other ideas. The clutch is completely worn out. So we stayed home instead and watched the Ravens beat the Bengals. Last night, we went over to Dave and Kasey’s for a bit.

Today is technically the start of the third week of Shamrock Marathon training, which means that race is only 16 weeks from yesterday! I’m supposed to do an easy 3-miler and strength training.

I also signed up for one last 5K in 2016, the Ugly Sweater one I ran with Pepper last year. It’s Dec. 17. Once again, it’s free with the donation of an unwrapped toy. It’s also still a prediction race. Anyone who runs within 10 seconds of their predicted time is a winner.

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