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November 18, 2016

Training for 11/18/16

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Pepper and I just did another easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop, my final run before the Philly Marathon on Sunday morning.

The weather today was beautiful — sunny, warm enough for shorts and a T-shirt, light breeze. Hard to imagine Sunday’s really going to be down in the 30s with (now) 28 mph winds. I hate weather!

I don’t really know how to feel going into this weekend. This was supposed to be my big goal race for the fall. I signed up for it the moment registration opened, at midnight April 1.

Training was… all over the place. I had a few really solid mileage weeks, like the 61-mile week last month that ended with a sub-4 marathon in Baltimore (man, that was a perfect weather day for running a marathon.) But then I had plenty of skipped and shortened long runs, especially over the last month because of travel. I mean, you’re supposed to back off the mileage leading up to a marathon, and it’s better to go into races undertrained than burned out, but this taper might have been a little excessive.

And then there is the weather. Cold and windy, my least favorite conditions. At least I know not to underdress, thinking I’ll warm up.

So what’s the plan for Sunday’s race? I don’t know! I guess it kinda depends on how I feel once I get going, and which way the wind is blowing. The wind is supposed to be coming out of the west, so I think we’re going to be running into it for a total of about 10 miles.

I’d love to shoot for sub-3:40 and finally lower my marathon PR. That would require an average pace about 30 seconds per mile faster than I ran in Baltimore, which should be doable. I never had to run head-on into nearly 30 mph wind in Baltimore though.

Anyway, whatever happens, it’ll be another marathon finish, and that’s always pretty cool in and of itself. Plus, I get to see a lot of old running friends and meet some new ones.

A lot of people are getting into town today, to run the half marathon tomorrow morning (this is the first year they’ve held the half and full on two different courses, on two different days), but Clark’s not going to be home until late tonight, so we’re not going up to Philly until tomorrow. I have to stop by the expo to get my bib (no. 1818!!), there’s a big group pasta dinner scheduled for tomorrow night and then the race is at 7 a.m. Sunday.

Clark and I are staying Sunday night too, to party with whoever else is hanging around, and then coming back home early Monday morning, so I’ll be back to report on how this all went down.


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