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November 9, 2016

Training for 11/9/16

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Yesterday, my computer’s charging cord crapped out and somehow the battery drained entirely on me before I posted anything. I got a new cord today (though the battery might have to be replaced too, according to the IT guy who looked it over at work this morning) and the computer is up and running again, so here is an update on training the last couple of days.

The end of Daylight Saving Time this past weekend means less time in the afternoon to put off my run before the sun goes down. Both Monday and yesterday, I cut it pretty close and finished my runs with not much sunlight to spare.

But they were two decent runs. Pepper and I ran an easy lap around the 6.5-mile loop both days. Not much else to say about either run.

Yesterday, Pepper got to participate in Election Day with me. First we went to my polling place in Delaware, which, for the first time in three presidential elections I’ve voted in here, gave out “I Voted Today” stickers. Historic!

However, I had to wait for some cranky old guy to get done telling the sticker guy how it was a good day “unless a criminal winds up president tonight, then it’s not a good day hurr durr duuurrrrr!” STEP ASIDE AND LET ME GET MY STICKER, ASSHAT.

Then Pepper rode all over Caroline County with me to visit polling places for a “day at the polls” story for the paper. My polling place in Delaware wasn’t particularly crowded, but there was a pretty good turnout at some of the ones I visited in Maryland.

All that democracy in action left Pepper wiped out by the time he got to return to his couch.


Not interested in a selfie with the first voting sticker I didn’t have to steal from a Maryland polling place.

As far as the election results go… well, I’ll just say I’m super pissed at everyone who put Trump through the primary. I kinda get it yesterday in the general election — a lot of people vote strictly along party lines so if you vote Republican, you had no choice — but there was a chance, earlier this year, to pick a nominee who wasn’t 100 percent awful, and the ball was dropped. So thanks, primary voters. Screw every last one of you.

That’s the last time I will mention Cheeto Jesus on this blog.

Today is rainy and gray, but it looks like it’s let up, so sometime soon I will take Pepper out for the easy 4-miler on the schedule.


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