A Simple Running Log

November 7, 2016

Training for 11/7/16

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Saturday morning, Clark went surfing at Indian River. He later showed me this picture he took of the sunrise across the street from the beach house in Fenwick:


While he was doing that, Pepper and I ran an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop at home.

That afternoon, we went to see my Aunt Debbie marry her fiance, Rick.

Aunt Debbie lives in the house my grandparents had fully restored back in the early ’90s, on a farm that’s been in the Schmidt family since my grandfather’s uncle first moved here from Buffalo, N.Y., in 1905. A few years ago, she needed some work redone on the front stoop, but the guy who did the original restoration is retired. He recommended his son, Rick, and the rest is history.

They got married on that stoop. It was a simple, beautiful ceremony.


The newlyweds right after the ceremony.

Then they had their first dance behind the house, to music provided by my cousin Corey and the band he’s playing bass with now, Some Kinda Druid Dudes.


They changed out of their formal clothes and Rick grilled up a bunch of filet mignons for everyone, and we had a great time.


Clark and Jamie.


Kasey, Dave and Kaylee.


Dave and Kaylee.


Kasey trying to get Kaylee to dance.


Jamie pretending he drank all those little Coronitas haha.


Kara, Jamie and Julie providing guest vocals with the band.


Mom, with Huey, Jacob and Caleb checking out something on a phone.


Mom and Dad, with Dave trying to photobomb them haha.


Clark and me.

And finally, a series of pictures from the afternoon, entitled “Aunt Helen demanding shots”:







I like Julie’s face behind Aunt Helen in that last one haha.

Later that evening, Clark and I met Mike and Natasha at the Denton pub for an early celebration of Mike’s 30th birthday. Clark, Natasha and I — all several years into our 30s — were all pretty close to falling asleep right at the table, but Mike was wide awake. We finally got the young whippersnapper to call it a night so we could all go home.

I took full advantage of the extra hour of sleep that night, so I have no excuse why this happened when I finally got up Sunday:


I’ve come close before to forgetting to put the mug under the dispenser, but that’s the first time I actually did it. Fortunately, the tray held most of it before it overflowed.

Clark and I watched most of the New York City Marathon, and then we put Pepper in his harness and made him go for a run with us.

Rehoboth is in four weeks. Clark looked at his half marathon training plan for the first time in a while and saw he was supposed to be up to a 10-mile long run this weekend. I had 12 on the schedule for marathon training, but I just did the 10 with him.

We ran the 5.5-mile loop, stopped at the house for water and bathroom breaks and then went back out for the 4.5-mile loop. Clark’s Garmin recorded a grand total of 10.3 miles at an 8:54/mile pace. It was a pretty nice run.

Later that afternoon, we went to Baltimore to see Clark’s brother and his wife. We got there later than intended thanks to a miles-long traffic back-up because of what looked like a minor fender bender. I told Clark crap like that is why we’re all going to be in self-driving cars before we know it.

After we visited with them, we got dinner at Max’s Taphouse in Fells Point, and then we drove home. The NASCAR race had been rain-delayed in Texas, and it was finally running at that point. I listened on the radio as Carl Edwards won it after it started raining there again around midnight and got officially called.

So that puts Edwards and Jimmie stupid Johnson in two of the four slots in the championship race in Miami in two weeks.

Next week is Phoenix, where they’ll figure out who gets the other two slots. Fingers crossed Kevin Harvick wins, which at this point is the only way he’ll get in (he’s too far back to be high enough in points after Phoenix to advance that way.) Fingers also crossed it doesn’t rain, like it seems to have done at so many races this season, since we all have to fly back Monday!

The other big sports news yesterday, around here anyway, was the Ravens-Steelers game in Baltimore. The Ravens hadn’t won since September, but they pulled out a win over the Steelers, so I’ve still got bragging rights over Clark haha.

Today, I’ve got another short easy run on the schedule.


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