A Simple Running Log

November 3, 2016

Training for 11/3/16

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I didn’t run today. Just didn’t feel like it. I was kinda tired, and it had gotten unseasonably warm again by the time I finally got around to thinking about running, so I just kept putting it off.

I’m no baseball fan, but I tried to stay up last night to see the end of the World Series. I fell asleep on the couch, but woke up just as the Cubs were making the last out to win it, which was perfect timing on my part — none of the boring baseball, all of the celebration of the end of a 108-year losing streak.

Also — I think the real story, for me anyway, is that the Indians have a player who voluntarily goes by the name Coco Crisp. The more I thought about it, the harder I laughed, until I was crying. That sounds like the name of the knock-off Cocoa Krispies, the ones in the bag haha.

And any longtime baseball fans who can’t believe I didn’t already know that can shut up, because I don’t roll my eyes every time someone “discovers” there used to be a NASCAR driver named Dick Trickle. That’s been common knowledge for so long his name inspired the name of Tom Cruise’s character, Cole Trickle, in “Days of Thunder,” a movie that was released in 1990.

Anyway! I got tired of watching people cry about baseball pretty quickly, and went to bed, but I had trouble getting back to sleep, and then Clark finally got home from another work trip.

I didn’t sleep a whole lot in the end, but I did sleep enough to have my first weird pre-marathon dream! In this race’s edition, I showed up to the start line wearing normal clothes. Cotton T-shirt, jean shorts, a regular underwire bra, which I think would be the worst part. I think I even had on flip-flops. Except it wasn’t Philly. It looked more like the Outer Banks last fall.

So that was a very long-winded excuse for why my butt stayed in my house all day, instead of going out for a run. It’s fine though; tomorrow was supposed to be a rest day anyway, so now I’ll just run tomorrow. It’s also supposed to be back to more normal daytime temperatures tomorrow too. No more of this 80 degrees nonsense.

Pepper was totally fine with lying on the couch all day too, if you were wondering.


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