A Simple Running Log

October 21, 2016

Training for 10/21/16

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Today, I took Pepper out for a short easy run around the 4.5-mile loop. He did a lot better than when we ran that same loop three days ago. He only needed one poop stop near the beginning, and it was very productive. So that was good news!

The rest of the run was nothing notable. It’s not quite as hot here as it was earlier this week, but it’s still pretty warm in the middle of the afternoon. We took our time.

I didn’t mind lollygagging along because I’ve got the Monster Mash Half Marathon in Dover tomorrow morning. Not that I’m trying to do anything more than get in another good long run (with a mile on the track!) but it’s always good to start a half marathon not feeling lead-legged.

Supposedly a front is coming through just in time for this thing. Tomorrow is going to be quite a bit chillier. Unfortunately, it’s also going to be windy. Oh well, wind happens.

Anyway, packet pick-up at the track just opened two minutes ago, so Pepper and I are headed up there soon.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to a 30th birthday party at Suicide for my cousin Becky. Sunday, I want to get in another 6.5 miles in the morning, and then there’s a good chance we’re leaving to take the Focus on a road trip through New England. It’s 3 p.m. Friday and Clark has yet to tell me if we are for sure going so I can put in the time off request for next Monday through Friday. Just in case we are, I worked my ass off the last few days to get done everything that absolutely needed to be done for the next two papers, so either way, I’m going to have a pretty lax week next week.


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