A Simple Running Log

October 19, 2016

Training for 10/19/16

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Late yesterday afternoon, I got home from work, immediately changed into running clothes, put Pepper in his harness and hit the road for a short easy run.

We only did the 4.5-mile loop, but it took us an hour, because Pepper was apparently not feeling very well. He kept stopping to poop, but nothing was coming out. It was a lot of straining and frustrated groaning noises on his part, while I just stood there and waited.

We finally got home. Clark got there two minutes later. Pepper had to go back out, where he continued hobbling around the yard in a half-squat, straining and groaning.

Not wanting to leave Pepper home alone like that, we decided to skip dinner at the Brick Hotel. I think staying home was smart anyway. Clark and I were apparently pretty tired, because we were both out cold before the end of Jeopardy. (That sentence makes us sound like we’re about 80 years old haha.)

This morning, I had yet another early morning assignment, which meant I couldn’t run before work. Normally that would not be an issue this time of year, but for some unknown reason, it’s back to hitting the mid to upper 80s in the afternoon here.

It was close to 90 when I went out to run today, around 12:30 p.m. Clark had come home for his lunch break to hang out with Pepper, so I didn’t have to take him with me or feel guilty about leaving him home alone again after he’d already spent the morning alone.

The whole run was kind of a mess. First, it was hot. Second, I had to use the bathroom in the woods a little more than two miles in. The unseasonably warm weather, combined with the standing water from all the rain the first two weeks of the month, has led to a mosquito explosion I don’t usually have to deal with anymore this far into fall. Seriously, it was like a carpet of mosquitos in those woods today.

About another mile down the road, a woman driving an SUV stopped to tell me I’d scared her father-in-law almost to death recently. I thought she was going to say he’d come up on me after driving around a blind curve in the road or something. That wasn’t it at all. She said he’d come up on me on one of those roads, and there was a car behind me, driving very slowly. Now that’s not weird — usually when two cars meet at the same point where I’m running on the edge of the road, one will slow down and wait for the other one to pass me first. But I guess this guy thought the other car looked “creepy” and he thought it was following me.

He was so worried about it, he turned around and came back to make sure it had passed me. However, I was nowhere to be found!

I’m 100 percent sure I was just in the woods, using the bathroom yet again, but of course he didn’t know that. He was so convinced the driver of that car had abducted me, he caught up with it, wrote down its plate number and called the state police, so they’d know where to start if someone reported a missing woman from this area!

Talk about a bad time to need a bathroom break! I told the woman to tell her father-in-law I was totally fine, no one has ever tried to abduct me, I had probably run into the woods that day and to thank him for watching out for me.

Another mile after that encounter, I came up on a roads crew installing new culverts under the road, which was completely dug up. Going back and running home a different way would’ve added at least another 1.5 miles, so I kinda picked my way across a stream on the opposite side of where they working and snuck through the work site.

I finally made it home. Another 5.5 miles in the books.


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