A Simple Running Log

October 11, 2016

Training for 10/11/16

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Pepper and I have cranked out some mileage over the last 24 hours!

Yesterday afternoon, we ran a lap around the 5.5-mile loop, and when we got home, I went straight upstairs and did my strength training — ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights.

Today, I ran the 12.2-mile loop that I never did over the weekend, but I didn’t run it alone. Pepper ran it with me, and set a new distance PR in the process!

It was one of those gorgeous clear blue sky fall days, so I took my camera along. Naturally, most of the pictures are of Pepper being adorable.


Pepper sniffing around a ‘children playing’ sign near our house, which one of my friends said looked more like a ‘runner running’ sign, for me.


First stick of the day, mile 1.7ish.


Cannon Hall, mile 4.8ish, which has gotten windows since the last time I took a picture of the restoration progress about a year ago.


Yet another beagle asserting his dominance over Pepper haha. Nearly halfway.


After he dropped the first stick, but before he found the second. Mile 8.2ish.


Now THAT’S a stick! On the side of the road in Galestown, mile 9.5.


Momentarily distracted by a barking dog in someone’s yard.


Trying and failing to pick it up. Eventually I got him to settle for a much smaller nearby stick, and we got moving again.


Less than a mile from home, but I couldn’t hold on. Thankful for the last standing unharvested corn field!


I love this face!


Last “stick” of the day was a corn stalk. Nearly home.

And that was that! 12.2 miles done for today, 17.7 done in the last 24 hours.

When I got home, I checked my email and found my runner registration card I need for packet pick-up in Baltimore this weekend. My bib number is 2642.


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