A Simple Running Log

October 10, 2016

Training for 10/10/16

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Well, I didn’t have the most productive weekend, as far as running goes, thanks to the wind and rain, but it’s supposed to be pretty much perfect the rest of this week. Time to get in some miles.

Snoopy stayed here Friday night and most of Saturday. He’s half Pepper’s size, but he’s the boss when those two are together.


Chewing on Pepper’s rawhide, while Pepper watches and whines, but never tries to take it back.


Chilling on the couch.

Saturday, it started raining not long after I got up. I decided to take the day off running, as I’d have to either leave Pepper at home, with Snoopy, or take him with me, after he’d already run five days in a row with me. So I just did some strength training upstairs for the first time in forever instead — ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights.

That night, it was absolutely pouring. There was also zero food in the house for dinner. I didn’t feel like driving anywhere, so I called the only pizza place in town that will drive far enough to deliver to us.

It just so happened to be my delivery driver’s first night. The poor guy had to call me at least seven times to find the house — I was starting to wonder if it was his first night in this area, period — and when he finally got here, he was greeted by Pepper, who likes to act ferocious by standing in the doorway and barking his face off at the people trying to bring me food. (As soon as you open the door and there’s nothing physically separating Pepper from the “intruder,” however, he shuts right up.)

Anyway, I gave the guy a nice tip for all his trouble, so hopefully if he’s delivering again the next time I don’t feel like leaving the house, he’ll remember how to get here.

Clark got home from a work trip to Ohio a little while later.

Sunday, it was still raining its ass off, and the wind had really picked up. Clark had to leave to go back to Ohio that afternoon, so I had a deadline on running if it was going to happen. I waited about as long as I could before I finally left the house.

Yeah, I was supposed to do a 12-mile long run this weekend, but screw that. What had been a hurricane was just a post-tropical depression by the time it got here, but it still wasn’t any fun to run in.

When I left, it was still raining pretty steadily, and the first mile of the 5.5-mile loop I’d settled on was directly into the 25-mph wind. Then I made a turn out of the wind and the rain tapered off to nearly nothing by the end of the second mile, so the rest of the run wasn’t bad at all. Other than soaking my shoes in the spots that were under water, that is. I got home in time to see Clark off again until this coming weekend, and then watch the NASCAR race, which was supposed to be run in Charlotte the night before but had gotten hurricaned out.

I was annoyed when Jimmie stupid Johnson won, thereby automatically moving himself forward into the next round of the Chase, no matter what happens to him in the next two races.

When the race was over, I made up a one-person shopping list and headed to Walmart to finally get some food in the house again for the rest of the week. Walmart on a Sunday is a mistake! It was packed in there.

It was worth it in the end though. I was able to make my own dinner, and I even made this year’s first batch of pumpkin muffins:


It’s officially fall.

As far as running goes today, I’ve been putting it off as long as possible because, while the skies are clear and sunny, it’s windy as hell again. It looks like the wind will die down closer to sunset though, so I’ll probably take Pepper out for another 5.5-miler later.

Last year, I put in a couple of high-mileage days in the week leading up to the marathon in Baltimore, and I think I’m going to try that again. Tomorrow I think I’ll finally do that 12-miler I didn’t do all weekend, and then there’s another 10-mile middle-distance run on the schedule.

Speaking of Baltimore, we get our bib numbers tomorrow. Also, the weather forecast right now is perfect (though I try to remember how many times it’s probably going to change in the next five days), and I’ve got a place to stay close to the city lined up for Friday night. I’m looking forward to it!


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