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October 7, 2016

Training for 10/7/16

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Our houseguest is back! I picked up Snoopy from Clark’s parents’ house this afternoon, so Pepper has a friend to sometimes play with but usually ignore, at least for tonight.

Before I got Snoopy, I took Pepper for a run. We did a lap around the 7.3-mile loop. He was especially pokey the entire first three miles, all the way to the ferry. But then he finally picked it up, and the last 4.3 were much quicker.

After we got Snoopy, I took the dogs to run a few errands. First we had to get more food for Snoopy. Then I went to Walmart to drop off the recycling, found a big empty spot where the recycling bins had been, called the Delaware Solid Waste Authority, found out those bins are gone for good and now the closest ones are 10 miles up the road, drove up there and deposited all the junk in my trunk. Last stop was the Dunkin’ Donuts in Harrington, because I’d gotten a message this morning from my equally pumpkin spice-obsessed friend that there are PUMPKIN- AND COFFEE-FLAVORED LIP BALMS in that particular Dunkin’!

Since I’d driven all that way, I also got a box of pumpkin spice K-Cups and a pumpkin macchiato.

Anyway, the lip balms are so cool. They look like little coffee cups.


I’m very happy with them. Well worth the drive!

The same friend texted me this too, which is probably accurate:


When I bought Snoopy’s food, I also bought a bag of Halloween-themed dog treats, that happened to be made with pumpkin and cinnamon. (Pumpkin is legit a good thing for dogs.) When I opened the bag in the car to give each of the dogs one, the aroma hit me and I almost forgot what I was doing and put one in my own mouth haha.

Anyway, this weekend, the only thing I’ve got scheduled for sure is a 12-mile long run. It’ll probably be easier to do it Sunday, when Clark should be home, instead of leaving both dogs home alone tomorrow morning. There was also a 6-miler on the schedule, but I took care of that already.

While the hurricane won’t hit us, thankfully, it’s still supposed to be rainy all weekend, which sucks, because the beer festival in Salisbury is tomorrow and Sunday. So who knows what we’ll end up doing.

Oh, one other exciting thing happened — my younger sister has decided to go to the Phoenix race with us! She’s never been out west, or flown, or to any NASCAR track other than Dover, so it’ll be a weekend of firsts for Creature Child.

She’s also never been on pit road before, so she and I got passes to visit it before the race starts. We can watch driver introductions from there, get our picture taken in Victory Lane with the race trophy and sign the finish line. I’m also going to find and touch one car — Jimmie stupid Johnson’s.

Back when I was on active duty in the Air Force, I volunteered to work security in the garage area at Dover a few races. I was there after the garage closed, but all the cars were parked right there. The first time, I found Bobby Labonte’s car and gave it a kiss for good luck. The next day, in the race, he missed a shift at the very first green flag, got run into by the car behind him and finished 31st.

Since it looked like I was actually terrible luck, when I worked the same security shift the night before the next Dover race, I touched two cars that belonged to drivers I was mad at — Jeff Gordon, because it was 2004 and I still hated him in general, and Kasey Kahne, because he’d wrecked Bobby at the end of the Coca-Cola 600 the week before.

In the race the next day, Gordon cut down a tire and wrecked, and Kahne, who was a mere nine laps away from winning his first race ever, ran through oil that had been put down by another car and wrecked too. If you don’t believe me, here are the results. Look at the notes by Gordon and Kahne: accident.

All I had to do was touch a car and it was toast. I haven’t been on pit road or in the garage area since then. I need to see if my evil powers still work, and Johnson is definitely the target!


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