A Simple Running Log

September 15, 2016

Training for 9/15/16

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Yesterday, I took Tweedledee and Tweedledum to the trail for a walk.

The parking lot was empty when we got there, so I only put Snoopy on his leash. He would take off like a rocket if he wasn’t, while Pepper tends to stick close and always listens when called. And I didn’t feel like untangling their leashes the whole time.

I think we probably wound up walking about a mile. At first, Snoopy was trying to drag me down the trail as fast as possible so he could sniff and pee on everything, which Pepper then peed on immediately, of course. That lasted about five minutes until Snoopy started to wear out haha.

The rest of the way, Pepper kept trotting ahead. I’d call his name, he’d stop, give me a “what’s the holdup?” look and wait for us to catch up, then trot ahead again. Snoopy’s legs are one-third the length of Pepper’s, of course he couldn’t keep up!

We got back to the parking lot just as what I assume were members of Seaford High School’s cross country team started arriving.

This morning, Clark got up really early to go to Cambridge and swim in the Choptank with a coworker, who is also doing the triathlon in Bethany this coming Sunday. I stayed home with the dogs.

I was dressed for my run and ready to go as soon as Clark got home. I had 7 miles on the schedule, which I wanted to get done before he left for work.

It was warm enough to run shirtless this morning, but cool enough to stay comfortable the whole way. A little breezy, but that was only in my face for the first mile.

Even with the inevitable bathroom break about two miles from the end, I finished the 7.3-mile loop in about an hour. It was a pretty good run.

I got home just as Clark was finishing up brushing his teeth before he left for work. Perfect timing.


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