A Simple Running Log

September 14, 2016

Training for 9/14/16

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As of yesterday afternoon, we have a houseguest: my brother-in-law’s beagle, Snoopy.

Snoopy and Pepper get along fine, but they’re not exactly best friends.


Pepper’s jealousy always crops up at some point, like last night, when Clark tried to give both dogs a treat — Pepper scarfed his down and then smacked Snoopy in the face in an effort to steal his treat too haha. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE GOOD BOY AND I WAS HERE FIRST.

Anyway, this morning, Clark left pretty early for work, which meant Pepper was going to have to go running with me. Snoopy is not the kind of dog who can run that far, but lucky for me, he’s also not the kind of dog who has a panic attack if he’s left alone for 40 minutes, so it worked out fine.

I decided to take it easy and just do 4.5 miles today. It wound up being even easier than I’d intended. The first half of the run was sooooo slooooow. I don’t know what Pepper’s deal was. It wasn’t just all the sniffing and peeing. He did a lot of slow moseying in between, instead of running. Finally, he found a stick and we ran the second half much faster.

Since then, both dogs have been too busy worrying about the other one’s breakfast to eat their own, and Snoopy randomly puked on the carpet. It’s been a fun morning haha.


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