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September 6, 2016

Training for 9/6/16

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Friday night, it sure didn’t look like a hurricane, tropical storm or even a rain shower was on its way here:


It was still dark out when TK got to our house at 6 a.m. Saturday to drive to Rehoboth (seems like just yesterday the sun was already fully up at that time.) On the way to the race site, the sun came up, but it was gray and windy. Fine, I guess a storm really is coming.

We got to Grove Park in Rehoboth about a half hour ahead of the 7:30 race start. We got our race bibs and picked over the leftover shirts from summer series races, though neither of us found any we wanted. We also made our race time predictions. I decided to try to run a 7:45/mile pace, which is easier than my usual 5K race pace but still a bit faster than a typical training run pace, thinking I’d be able to find it without the help of my Garmin. So I put down 24:02 for my prediction.


TK and me before the race.

I did about a mile to warm up, everyone gathered at the start line and we were off.


Coming around the first bend in the course. It looks like my right leg is running into the leg of the guy in front of me, but he’s actually a step ahead of me.

It started sprinkling right when we started, and picked up through the rest of the race, but it never really poured on us while we were running.

Anyway, I settled into what I thought felt like 7:45/mile pace. I was very comfortable; it didn’t feel like hard work at all.

Past where the first mile marker would’ve been if there’d been mile markers, we ran by the end of the Rehoboth boardwalk. The waves were coming up the beach nearly to the boardwalk. The only people out there were dressed in rain gear, just watching the ocean. Not the Labor Day beach vacation anyone wanted, I’m sure.

There’s not much to say about the rest of the race. I caught a couple of guys running together on the last straightaway and asked them what time they’d written down. They said 25:00, but they felt like they were running too fast. I hoped they were.

Before I knew it, I’d made it to the finish line.


I felt pretty good about my chances after I finished, but I always do, and then it turns out I’m waaay off.

I did another easy mile to cool down and got back to the park in time to see TK finish.

Then they started handing out all the awards. First, they did the top 20 closest predictions in the race we just ran. I extended my losing streak — turned out I ran 23:46, 16 seconds off my prediction, which was only good for 32nd closest. Oh well!

Then they recognized everyone who ran all 13 summer series races (TK and I always do the bare minimum to qualify since we live kinda far away), people who’d hit 10 or 20 consecutive years of qualifying (I’m at seven consecutive), volunteers and the race director’s picks for male and female Runners of the Year.

And then it was time for the summer series awards. When they posted them a few weeks ago, I noticed TK’s name was not listed as a qualifier in our age group. I went back and looked up the race results from the six races we ran, and she wasn’t listed in two of them. I also went back through the finish line photo albums for both of those races and found her, proof she was there. So I emailed those photos to her and she got in touch with the race director, who used the photos to figure out where she’d finished so she could get credit. She got up way too early and ran through too much crap like heat and day-after blood donation fatigue to not be recognized!


TK with her qualifier award.

Here I am with three of the other four in the top five for our age group:


And that was the end of the 2016 Seashore Striders summer series.

By that time, the rain had picked up and it was pouring. TK and I changed into dry clothes, got some coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts and then went to the outlets for a couple of hours. Thanks to the terrible weather, that place was as packed as the weekend before Christmas.

At noon, Dogfish Head opened, so we went there for lunch. The main reason I wanted to get there Saturday was because they just released these limited edition stoneware Punkin Ale mugs:


They’d already sold out online, and I figured the stock at the Rehoboth brewpub and Milton brewery would go quickly too.

We each got one as soon as we got there. The guy at the merchandise kiosk said there were only 15 left at that point! I’m glad we didn’t wait until after we’d eaten to get them.

I got TK to take this picture of me proudly posing with my mug:


I don’t know why I love this stupid thing so much, but I do.

Lunch was great. I had my first two Punkin Ales of the season, straight from the tap!

By the time we got home that afternoon, it wasn’t really raining anymore. I don’t think it rained again. It was still a little breezy the rest of the weekend, but that was it. Some hurricane. Not that I wanted more.

Saturday night, Clark and I got burgers from Five Guys and then went to 3rd Wave for a couple of beers. When 3rd Wave closed, we went to Cheers to get some more beer and went home.

At home, we stayed up pretty late drinking and listening to music. (I had a few Punkin Ales in my new mug. They really do taste even better in it haha.)

Sunday, I didn’t want to do my scheduled long run. So I didn’t. I just ran the 3-miler on the schedule for the next day. It wasn’t a bad run, but I definitely didn’t want to run another 13 miles after it.

I cut the grass after my run. It needed it. Actually, it needed it about a week ago. Our yard looked like the house had been foreclosed on.

Meanwhile, Clark sat in the house, drinking and taking pictures of me on the lawnmower so he could text his friends about how he was sitting in the house drinking while his wife cut the grass haha. I saw him doing it too, which is why my face looks like this:


Later, Kara, Huey and their kids came over so the twins could take a look at the Crown Vic, which Clark’s mom said they could have for free. It runs fine, but it doesn’t start. It’s been sitting in our driveway since Clark and I towed it home from his office the last time it died on him. So we just need to get whatever’s wrong with the ignition fixed, and it’s finally out of our driveway.

After they left, I took the Focus in town to pick up some more beer before the race that night. When I got back, my brother was there, to try out the Focus.

He took Clark for a ride in it first, and squealed the tires in first and second gear just on his way out of the driveway. When Clark got back, he had a huge grin on his face and said I needed to let Dave take me for a lap in it.

Honestly, I didn’t want to go. I get anxious in cars I’m not driving, particularly after that stunt Aunt Gail pulled a few years ago (in another Focus!) and I could smell the brakes already smoldering from Dave’s first run in it as I walked up to it. Turns out he’d spent the morning watching YouTube videos of people running the Nurburgring, a famous road course in Germany. Great!

We took off. Once again, he managed to chirp the tires just shifting from first to second. We were doing 70 or 80 before I knew it. I tried not to let on how much I hated it. I’m cool, I’m cool!

We made a turn onto a road with a 90-degree turn coming up. I saw the road sign advising slowing down to 25 mph as we approached it, but Dave was still hitting the gas. Wrong pedal! He slammed on the brakes as we got to it and practically drifted the car around it. I could hear the tires squealing again as they clung to the road. I was NOT cool.

We skidded to a stop at a stop sign and then he took off again. When we got to an intersection near the ferry, he turned right. Only a few miles to home! I could make it.

But then we passed another intersection and Dave said, “Wait, was that the turn I made last time?” I said there were no more turns until we got to the road I live on, so Dave realized yes, he was supposed to turn there, slammed on the brakes, backed into a driveway to turn around and… stalled the engine just trying to pull back out of the driveway haha. Yes, I made fun of him for that. Pretty sure that’s the first time that car’s been stalled!

Well the smile was quickly wiped from my face again as we drifted around the turn we’d missed the first time. Now we were on one of the narrow, twisty, rough back roads I run all the time. Dave was flying up through the gears again. I couldn’t take it anymore. I kept picturing a car coming around one of these blind curves we were taking on the wrong side of the road, a deer running out of the woods, someone backing out of their driveway. I had to ask him to back off.

He said “Just let me go through this last corner — it’s a fun one!” and we skidded through another S-curve surrounded by corn fields. Thank God nothing was coming from the other direction.

He finally backed off to a reasonable speed, and we made it home in one piece, though I took a lot of shit for tapping out. I don’t even care!

And that’s just the Focus ST. Imagine if Clark had managed to get his employer to buy him an RS.

After that harrowing adventure, I needed a beer or four (probably should’ve drank them before I rode with Dave haha.) Dave hung around for a while, and we watched the NASCAR race from Darlington. Mike came over too, as did a couple of Clark’s coworkers.

It was another late night. When I woke up yesterday morning, I still didn’t feel like a long run was a good idea. But I did manage to get in a lap around the 8.4-mile loop. It actually wasn’t too bad.

In the afternoon, we went down to Fenwick. Clark was going to try surfing, but the waves didn’t look so hot. They were closing out quickly and breaking close to shore.



Clark’s dad had sent us some pictures of the beach Sunday, when the water was coming up to the dunes. It was still higher than usual yesterday, but there was at least some beach to sit on again.

The water in the canal was also higher than usual, and the dock near Clark’s parents’ house was slightly submerged. We were able to get Pepper to stand on it.


Trying to hold Pepper still for a picture of him “in” the water.

Ten seconds after this picture was taken, Pepper walked right off the end of that dock, and fell face first into the water for real haha. Clark and I were laughing pretty hard, but we managed to help our terrified dog out of the canal. It was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time!

After he got toweled off, Pepper was fine.


For dinner, we went to Assawoman Bay Brewing Co. in Ocean City. The clouds to the west had cleared enough that we got to see the last sunset of unofficial summer.


Clark pretending to look excited about the sunset.


A genuine smile after I laughed.


Ballast Point Pumpkin Down and the last summer sunset.




Pepper was his usual adorable self.


Our waitress liked him so much, she had one of the busboys take her picture with him. The busboy, who was European, asked what “race” Pepper was haha. (Pretty sure he meant to ask what breed he is, so I told him weimaraner.)

Our last stop was Fin City Brewing, to pick up a six-pack of their pumpkin beer, which Clark had read was better than Punkin Ale. It’s NOT. It doesn’t taste like pumpkin at all! I was disappointed.

This morning, the first thing I did was take Pepper out for a lap around the 5.5-mile loop. It’s been since Friday that he even ran a couple of miles with me, but he acted like it was pure torture when I was getting him into his harness and hooking up his leash. Of course, a mile later (after we’d made it past a scary irrigation system spraying into the road), he was totally fine, and we had a good run.


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