A Simple Running Log

September 2, 2016

Training for 9/2/16

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This morning was a pretty good one for a run, sunny, relatively low humidity and in the 60s. I got up and ran a lap around the 5.5-mile loop first thing, while Clark was still home, so Pepper didn’t have to go with me.

After running 22 miles with me over the previous three days, this was his look all day yesterday:

pepper conked out

Don’t bother me unless you brought me something to eat.

This is pretty much what he looks like every day, to be honest.

He didn’t get off the hook completely today, however. I decided to take him to the trail for another few miles, very easy, so I could take care today of the 8-miler I’m supposed to do this weekend.

There’s almost always some trash near the trail head. Today was no different. But it was definitely the weirdest trash I’ve found there.

kia bumper

I hate when two-thirds of my car’s front bumper cover just falls off!

Anyway, we started out down the trail, intending to do our usual 3-mile loop. But holy crap, the spider webs were ridiculous! That’s a big part of why I haven’t been to the trail all summer.

We made it about a mile before I ran face-first into a huge web and decided I’d had it. We went back the way we’d come, so I knew I’d already knocked down all the webs. So, we only did two miles there, bringing today’s total to 7.5 instead of 8.5, but whatever. Close enough!

I ran out of coffee at home, so we went in town to get some from Dunkin Donuts. It’s pumpkin coffee season! I ordered a medium iced pumpkin coffee. When I got to the window, they’d accidentally made me a large instead, but didn’t charge me extra, and Pepper got a Munchkin just for being adorable. Score!

first pumpkin coffee

First of many.

Supposedly there’s a tropical storm on its way to ruin our weekend. We weren’t planning to go to the beach or anything anyway, but still, who wants to spend a long weekend sitting inside watching sheets of rain beat on the windows?

My only solid plans for the entire weekend is tomorrow morning’s Last Blast Prediction 5K, followed by the awards ceremony to wrap up the summer series.

I’m not sure what I’m going to put down as my prediction for the 5K. In six years of trying, I’ve never gotten anywhere close to running my predicted time, a streak I’m sure will be extended tomorrow, so it doesn’t really matter.

I do know I won my age group in the summer series. I had six first-place age group finishes in the races I ran to qualify this summer, so I had a lowest-possible score of six.

As far as marathon training goes, since I ran close enough to that scheduled 8-miler today, the only other thing I have to run is a 16-mile long run. It might be too rainy and chilly to enjoy the beach this weekend, but it definitely won’t be too hot to do my long run.


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