A Simple Running Log

August 22, 2016

Training for 8/22/16

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Friday afternoon, the UPS truck dropped off these for me:


A brand new pair of New Balance 1400v4s! The first thing I do with a new pair of running shoes is stick my face right in one of them and take a huge whiff. They only smell that good before they’ve gone for a run!

While I had my face in one of them, I noticed this printed on the insole:

silent hunter

Silent hunter, eh? I googled it and it has something to do with peregrine falcons inspiring the latest New Balance racing shoes. Pretty sure anyone being “hunted” by me in a running race can hear me coming, what with the gasping for air and everything.

Anyway, Saturday morning, Clark left early to help his brother do some work on his house’s back yard, which left me at home with Pepper. I decided to do the shorter run on the weekend’s schedule, a 7-miler. By the time I left the house to run, it was too hot to take him, but that would at least cut in half the amount of time he had to be alone. And, since I was running the shorter run, I could take my new shoes out for their first run.

Well, I really liked the new 1400s, but that’s the only good thing I have to say about the run. It was hot and sunny and I was just not into it. Also, I’d been having trouble getting my stupid iPod to charge, and the battery had finally died, so I didn’t even have anything to listen to. I made it all the way around the 7.3-mile loop.

When I got home, Pepper hadn’t pooped in the house, but he had gotten himself so upset he puked. Yay. On the bright side though, I finally got my iPod to respond to being plugged into the charger.

Later, when Clark got home, we went over to Mike’s house to pick some crabs. I turned on the race when we got home but it was rain delayed. They wound up postponing it to Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning, Clark didn’t have to get up and go anywhere, so I didn’t have to feel bad about leaving Pepper to do my long run. I did want to get home to see the men’s Olympic marathon, which was to start at 8:30.

I was supposed to do 14 miles, but I was already talking myself into lower mileage before I’d even made it to the end of the lane. Three miles in, I was so completely drenched in sweat (where was this cooler weather we were supposed to get?) that I decided I was only doing 10. I took my GU and a salt cap around five miles.

But then a weird thing happened. When I got to where I should’ve turned right to get home in 10 miles, I turned left to stretch it out to the 12.2-mile loop. And I almost made the turn to stretch it out even further to the 14.5-mile loop I was supposed to do in the first place, but I was almost out of fluids already, so I went straight to get home as soon as possible. I finished 12.2 miles with a massive side stitch.

The men were about seven miles into their race when I got home. The lead pack was still huge. It was cool watching the pack get whittled down, while Galen Rupp of the U.S. hung in there. He didn’t lose touch with the lead until the two men who’d go on to win gold and silver, Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya and Feyisa Lilesa of Ethiopia, finally dropped him. Rupp held on to win bronze, the first U.S. medal in the marathon since Meb won silver 12 years ago.

A couple hours after the marathon was over, the postponed race coverage was supposed to start. Unfortunately, it was still freaking raining in Bristol! They had to put it on hold even longer.

So Clark and I took Pepper to this place in Salisbury called Hopper’s Tap House. There’s this sort of enclosed atrium, and around it are a bar with 34 beers on tap and several restaurants. You can just order your food and beers and bring them out to a table in the atrium yourself, or there are servers.

I was starving when we got there, so I got a pulled pork sandwich from a barbecue restaurant. For an extra dollar, they gave me a big chunk of bone from one of the pigs for Pepper to gnaw on.

He loved it!


He also did that thing where he thinks he’s human and sits on the bench next to Clark:

pepper and clark at hoppers

We stayed there long enough to have a few beers. Then we picked up some more beers across the street at Cheers and went home. We just happened to leave right as this massive thunderstorm rolled through, the kind where the rain is coming down so hard you can’t see anything out of the windshield other than the taillights of the car in front of you, so you just follow it and hope it doesn’t lead you into a ditch. It let up enough I could see again soon, and we made it home fine.

We got home in time to see the end of the Bristol race, which Kevin Harvick won. Clark’s parents came over and we watched the Olympics closing ceremony.

This morning, I got up early enough to get in a short easy run before an assignment. It had cooled off a teeny bit, but just that small drop in temperature was enough to make for a very enjoyable lap around the 4.5-mile loop. And it’s supposed to get even cooler in the mornings for the rest of this week. I can’t wait!

My stupid iPod died though. For good this time, I’m pretty sure. It’s not just a dead battery. The little light, which usually comes on red, yellow or green to indicate battery life when you first turn on the iPod, doesn’t light up at all now.

This is the third iPod I’ve killed, most likely with the torrential downpour of sweat I produce this time of year. I looked into a new shuffle. They’re $49 at Walmart. I also looked up waterproof shuffles, for swimming. Those are $139. Geez. I think I’ll go fiddle with mine one more time, just to make sure it really is dead.


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