A Simple Running Log

August 18, 2016

Training for 8/18/16

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This morning, I was on the couch, trying to drum up the motivation to go out for my run before the clouds cleared out, when I heard a loud THUMP on the solid-glass back door. I looked over just in time to see a couple small feathers drifting toward the ground.

Yup, a bird flew into the door hard enough to, it turned out, kill itself on contact.


Aw. Poor thing!

Since I was off the couch at that point anyway, I got dressed, put Pepper in his harness and went out for today’s run, a lap around the 5.5-mile loop.

It wasn’t as hot as yesterday morning, and we still had some lingering cloud cover after strong storms came through last night, but it was just so damn HUMID. Again.

It was a sluggish run. Mostly because of Pepper. Honestly. He just was not in the mood. He kept stopping to sniff random spots of grass, drink from ditches (even though he’d had a full bowl of nice clean water he didn’t drink at home, but whatever) and poop. Three times haha. It was like he’d been holding it all week.

The sun came out too when we had about 2.5 miles left to run. Fortunately we were in a mostly-shaded part of the route at that point, but still, it made it feel just that much hotter.

Anyway, we made it home, Pepper got an ice cube and some treats and now he’s asleep on the floor again.


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