A Simple Running Log

August 12, 2016

Training for 8/12/16

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Late yesterday afternoon, Clark and I went down to the beach for the last night of my family’s condo rental. Clark’s parents graciously agreed to watch Pepper for us, since he’s not allowed inside the condo. And since Pepper couldn’t go anyway, Clark let me drive the Focus.

Before we went to the condo, we stopped by Dogfish Head and Revelation Brewing in Rehoboth for a couple of beers. On the way to Ocean City, we drove by the restaurant in Dewey that was destroyed earlier this week when a drunk driver drove her car straight into it (it was closed and no one was in there, thankfully), rupturing a gas line in the process and causing a massive fire. The car was still sitting in the middle of the burned out dining room.

When we got to Ocean City, it was just Corey, Aunt Helen and Uncle John still there, so we all rode in Corey’s car to Hooked. I’d not been to Hooked before, but we’ve been several times to Just Hooked, in Fenwick, owned by the same group. It was just as good.

Clark and I wound up staying overnight at the condo. We got up pretty early this morning to drive home.

Clark’s parents offered to keep Pepper all weekend and let us stay at their beach house, so we took them up on that. We’re going to stay there tonight and tomorrow night, and come home Sunday morning so Clark can get some stuff done at home before he has to travel for work all week.

I was thinking it would be a great idea to do this week’s long run today; that way, I would only have a short easy run tomorrow, and then Sunday morning, Clark and I might run a 5K/10K in Lewes before coming home.

Well, naturally, my procrastination put an end to that idea. I ate some breakfast, drank some coffee, did some work, putzed around on the internet, watched Almaz Ayana of Ethiopia set a new world record in the women’s 10K in the Olympics (6.2 miles in 29:17 — 4:43/mile pace!!)… by the time I got around to thinking about running anything myself, it felt like 104 degrees outside.

Short easy run it was! As I started out down the road, the first vehicle I saw coming was the truck driven by the neighbor who told me a few years ago how I should run earlier in the day when it’s hot haha. Perfect timing. I wanted to yell “I STILL MAKE BAD CHOICES!” as he was driving by, but I just waved instead.

The first couple of miles were fine, but the third one was miserable. I was hot and running head-on into a 14 mph wind, which wasn’t helping. I was pretty glad to get home.

So I’ve still got a 13-miler to do sometime this weekend. Maybe. Let’s be honest; there’s a good chance this one is getting pushed back until early next week or skipped entirely.

The race Sunday, if we run it, is hosted by the Greene Turtle in Lewes. Like one of the 5Ks I ran in Rehoboth last month, there’s a post-race breakfast at the Greene Turtle for all the runners. I’m supposed to do 6 miles at goal marathon pace this weekend, so a 10K would fit perfectly. I think I wrote down 3:35 for my goal at Philly, an 8:12/mile pace. That would be just under 51 minutes for a 10K. It’s going to be really hot all weekend, so that sounds like an appropriate pace.


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