A Simple Running Log

August 9, 2016

Training for 8/9/16

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Yesterday, by the time I went out to run, I didn’t feel like the 6.5-mile loop, so I just did the 3-miler on the schedule instead. It wasn’t a bad run at all, but I just didn’t feel like going any farther.

Today, I went out early enough for this week’s middle distance run that I could take Pepper with me. We did run the 6.5-mile loop this time. I was pretty happy when he took two dumps a little more than halfway through the run, because I was going to have to leave him alone for a bit, and that was two piles of dog poop I wasn’t going to have to clean up when I got home. Score!

When we got home, I took a shower and went to Denton to cover something for the paper, an assignment I’d just been given yesterday afternoon. When I pulled up to the building, there were only a couple of cars in the lot, which I thought was odd, since I was a few minutes late (as usual.) I took a closer look at the email I’d gotten about the assignment: Tuesday, Aug. 16. I was a week early. D’oh!

It annoyed me even more because I have to go back to Denton later this evening to cover something that’s actually scheduled for today (I checked again to be sure.) Pepper already spent an hour on his own while I made that completely pointless drive, so he’s not going to be happy to be alone again. Oh well.


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