A Simple Running Log

August 8, 2016

Training for 8/8/16

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As of about 2:30 p.m. Friday, we have air conditioning again! So glad that headache is finally behind us.

Saturday, Clark left very early for his triathlon in Pocomoke. I had every intention of also getting up relatively early and knocking out the 8-miler on the schedule first thing. When Pepper woke me up for his breakfast, I did not go back to bed, but I also didn’t go outside and run. It just kept getting later and later. Then I decided I would wait until Clark got home so I didn’t have to leave Pepper alone.

By the time Clark returned, it had gotten way hotter outside than I expected. The heat index was up in the triple digits. Yikes.

Finally, around 3:30, I absolutely had to get going if I was going to run at all, because we had plans for the evening. I got dressed and filled up my water bottle. As I was leaving, Clark told me, “Hey, at least you waited until the hottest part of the day to run.”

I took a GU and a salt cap with me, thinking I was going to run the 8.4-mile loop, but holy crap it was HOT out there! I was miserable. I almost turned around at the 1.5-mile mark to just do a 3-miler, but I had a full bottle of water/Gatorade, so I made myself at least run the 4.5-mile loop. Not a fun run by any measure!

When I got home, Clark and I cleaned up and went first to Clark’s friend Glenn’s house, where they were having a birthday party for him. We could take Pepper there. But our next stop was the informal class reunion at Suicide, so we had to drop off Pepper at our house on the way. It’s been a couple of weeks since Pepper had to spend a minute alone. He was horrified when he realized what was happening. Poor Pep!

The class reunion wound up being 11 people (out of a class of 116 haha) sitting outside on the deck, where I’m pretty sure Pepper would’ve been welcome. I thought we were going to be inside, or I’d have brought him. Anyway, it was fun to catch up with the few people who showed up.

One girl from my class, Liz, lives in Atlanta now, but somehow it came up her mom now lives right around the corner from us, on a road I run all the time. Liz said her mom’s house is close to one that has always perplexed me — it’s a basic rancher, but the yard is filled with all these ornate fountains and arches, and there’s a huge lion statue on either side of both driveway entrances. There’s also a cupola on the roof that was clearly added later. Liz said her mom hates that house because it’s so tacky haha. Apparently it used to be owned by some British guy, who put all that crap there, and the next owners just left it. They did add a completely out-of-place John Deere tractor mailbox though, so there’s that.

I always wondered about that house! So I learned something useful.

Sunday, I slept in and then really took my time again getting around to running. I did accomplish one thing while I was procrastinating though — last week we settled on Phoenix as this year’s destination race, so I booked a hotel and flights. Still have to buy the race tickets, but I will definitely be in Phoenix in November.

It was after 10 when I finally left the house. Since it was a solid 20 degrees cooler than the afternoon before, I made myself run the 8.4-mile loop I’d cut short. In spite of the improved weather, it wasn’t a good run either. I was a tad hungover and dehydrated. About 3 miles from the end, I realized I was getting chills, which isn’t a great sign when it’s 80-plus degrees and sunny. No shortcuts home from there though, so I ran-walked it in.

As soon as I got home, we headed down to the beach. Pepper was allowed on the balcony of my family’s condo, but not inside it, so Clark got some beers and sat out there with Pepper while I went to the beach for a bit. Another perfect afternoon for sitting in the sand. The ocean was calmer than last week too. I took over Pepper-watching duty while Clark went to get something to eat. In the evening, we all went for dinner to a restaurant called The Cove, which allowed dogs outside, and then Clark, Pepper and I came home.

Pretty nice, relaxing weekend. Today, I want to run the 6.5-mile loop, to make up a few missed miles, but at this point I should probably wait until the evening to do so.


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