A Simple Running Log

August 5, 2016

Training for 8/5/16

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Yesterday evening, the HVAC guys were working on the AC, and had parked their van in front of the garage, blocking my car when I needed to leave to cover another town meeting. Lucky for me, Clark had just gotten home, so I convinced him to let me drive the Focus instead of bothering the guys to move their van.

Normally, I’d have been irritated I had to drive 90 minutes round-trip for a town meeting that wound up being completely un-newsworthy, but I didn’t mind it so much yesterday!


It’s just so much fun to drive.

Anyway, the HVAC guys were still here when I got home. They had everything installed, but the new thermostat wasn’t cooperating. Something about the wiring. They finally called it a night around 9 p.m. and said they might be back today.

By that time, Clark and I had started working on the beer in the fridge, and then he called one of his coworkers, who with his wife came over to play beer pong in our garage. It was way past midnight by the time I got to bed.

As a result, I got a late start this morning. But once I got moving, I got some stuff done. First, I took Pepper out for a run. We did a lap around the 4.5-mile loop. When we got back, I went upstairs and did some strength training. Then I mowed the lawn.

Now one of the HVAC guys is back, trying to figure out the thermostat. When he gets that done, we’ll have air conditioning again! Just in time too. It’s supposed to get hot again this weekend.

This week is a cutback week, so the long run is only an 8-miler, which I’ll do tomorrow morning while Clark is in Pocomoke for his triathlon. Tomorrow evening, we’re going to a get-together for our high school class’s 15th year reunion. We’re just meeting at the bar at Suicide. No tickets to buy, no rented room or catered dinner. I like this better.

Sunday, I’ve got a 6-miler, and then we’re probably going to the beach.


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