A Simple Running Log

August 4, 2016

Training for 8/4/16

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Yesterday was pretty great.

I dropped off Pepper at Clark’s grandmother’s house, where he got to spend the morning boofing at the guy working on her side steps until he lost interest. He also got one and a half hardboiled eggs all to himself (and I got to smell the egg-scented farts this morning) and then snoozed the afternoon away until Clark picked him up. If we had air conditioning, Pep would’ve spent the day alone in the utility room, so he’s probably happy we still don’t have it.

I was on the beach in front of my family’s condo by 11 a.m. and didn’t leave until after 6 p.m., except to get some lunch from Wawa. The weather was 100 percent perfect — sunny, steady breeze, not too hot. It didn’t even seem as crowded as it usually is this point in the summer.

Both of my sisters were there, but they, two of my aunts and my nephew all went shopping in the afternoon, so while they were gone, I read a magazine, listened to some music and napped.

The ocean was a little disagreeable; the water temperature was lovely, but it was pretty rough out there yesterday. It was fun but quickly exhausting. I rinsed a bucket load of sand out of my suit last night.

It’d been a week-plus of small irritants (the AC, Pepper’s eye thing, oh and someone stole my credit card number and went on a shopping spree in South Carolina last Saturday — all the charges were declined except $1 at a vending machine, so I’m not on the hook for any of it, but Discover had to close the account immediately and now I have to wait for a new card.) A solid afternoon of doing absolutely nothing on the beach was exactly what I needed.

Today, I didn’t get up and run before Clark had to leave for work, and I didn’t want to take Pepper running again after he’d run the last two consecutive days for the first time in weeks. It’s also been since last Sunday that I took a day off running. So I think it’s a good day for a rest day.


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