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August 1, 2016

Training for 8/1/16

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Supposedly today is the day we finally get air conditioning back in this house! I’m waiting on the HVAC guy to get here to install the new one. Although I have to say, after a week without it, 88 degrees in the house is starting to feel normal. Pepper and I spent the first two days last week in the bedroom with the window unit, but since then, I’ve spent all of my non-sleeping time at home out in the living room, where the fan is enough.

I’m still pretty excited to finally have AC in here again though. I’ve run every day since last Sunday, and I have not gotten used to not feeling any cooler as soon as I walk in the house. I can’t wait to have that back.

Saturday morning, I managed to keep up my streak of running first thing in the morning, and left before 7 for a lap around the 11.2-mile loop.

It was another warm, humid morning. I took a water bottle filled with half water-half Gatorade, a salt cap and a GU and hit the road.

Three miles into the run, I was absolutely soaked in sweat. I mean, yes, every little run lately has caused that, but this seemed excessive, and I still had more than eight miles to go.

It was an absolute slog. By the halfway point, my shoes were so waterlogged with sweat, I could hear my feet squishing over my music, my shorts were clinging to me and I had a constant waterfall coursing down my face, into my eyes, with no way to wipe my eyes because my fingers were every bit as sweaty.

I made myself pass up every shortcut home, and I finished the whole loop, but it took forever. I walked whenever I felt like it. I think I managed about a 10:00/mile pace in the end (though that included a break for a few minutes to pet that pit bull, Simba, I first met a few weeks ago.)

What was weird though — we had pizza and beer for dinner the night before, it was hot as balls out and I ran for almost two hours, but I never had to use the bathroom! I will never understand how my digestive system picks which days to be a literal pain in the ass.

With that behind me, I could look forward to the fun part of my day. Clark’s coworker, Bart, and his wife, Marybeth, invited us out on their boat. And Clark said I’d be able to SKI behind it! They also said Pepper was welcome. Other than a couple short kayak trips, this was Pepper’s first time on a boat.

We were supposed to meet them in Cambridge at 12:30, so we left an hour and a half before that to run a few errands on the way. First we had to stop at M&M to fill up a cooler with ice. Next stop was Uncle John’s house, where I dug the Jobe ski and a tow rope out of the barn. In Cambridge, we stopped to get beer and enough fried chicken for all of us.

Finally we made it to the marina. By this time, some clouds had rolled in and it was starting to sprinkle. (I’m about tired of this trend, by the way, where it’s hot and sunny when I’m running, but then, when I’m somewhere I want it to be hot and sunny, it’s overcast and raining.)

We putted around the Cambridge marina for a bit. Eventually the clouds went away and it was a nice day again to be out on the boat, so we took the boat to a little beach just past the Hyatt.

After we beached the boat, I got out and Clark handed Pepper to me, and I carried him up to the beach. We wanted to see if he’d walk out into the river on his own, since it wasn’t coming at him in crashing waves, like the ocean.

Much to my surprise, he actually walked out into the water! And seemed to sorta like it!

pepper smiling in water

pepper in water

He still didn’t like swimming though, and only wanted to go out as far as he could touch the bottom.

I think Pepper enjoyed himself for the most part!

pepper with stick

Found a stick!

pepper running

Zipping along.

clark and pepper running

Running with Clark.


Shaking off.

Later that afternoon, I got to try skiing. My family always took our boat out in a different part of the Choptank, so I didn’t know where to go to find smooth water near Cambridge. Bart said there was a little cove on the other side of the river, protected from the wind that was making the river pretty choppy, where they go tubing.

So we went over there. The water was smoother. I jumped in, got the ski on and waited.

I felt like seaweed was washing up against my arms and legs, which was weird. Then it hit me what was actually brushing up against me.

Jelly fish.

Shit. Yes, there is the burning! Definitely jelly fish.

I yelled at Bart to tighten up and go. He didn’t take off fast enough, and the ski didn’t come close to planing. I let go and waited for the boat to come back around.

Holy shit there were a ton of jelly fish in that cove! I saw a clump of three of them near the surface, coming straight for my arm. I was wearing ski gloves, so I swatted them away before they got to me.

I’d already made up my mind if I didn’t get up on the second try, I was done. I asked Bart if he could take off any faster. He said he could.

The second time, he took off faster, but the ski was still having trouble planing. It was just pushing up a wall of water in front of me. But I held on, and eventually I was able to stand up. It was the fastest way to get away from those damn jelly fish!

Even when I was up, the ski was still bogging down and throwing water all over me. I gave them the signal to speed up, but it didn’t feel like the boat was going any faster. Clark later said Bart had it floored. It wasn’t really meant to be a ski boat, clearly.

OK, I figured that was as good as it was going to get. I was able to move across the wake, but I couldn’t cut. The cove didn’t go back very far, so we kept having to turn around. Coming back through the wake and hopping over all the little waves was the best part.

I admit it didn’t take very long until I felt worn out. I hadn’t done that in three years! I let go and waited in the jelly fish pit for the boat to come back and get me.

When I got out of the water, pretty much all the skin on my arm and legs was on fire. Stupid jelly fish.

We headed back to the marina and putted around a bit more. After they dropped us off, Clark and I went to RAR Brewing, which was having what they called Nightmare on Poplar, sort of a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed party in July. The place was decorated with strings of Christmas lights and Halloween spider webs. It was packed.

We had a couple beers there. Clark was saying he was going to buy a really nice ski boat for the rest of my family and me to ski behind. (The next morning, he looked up Malibu ski boats. The cheapest one he found was $85,000 — used. He’s not buying a boat haha.)

Sunday, I broke my streak of running early in the morning. It was not a good day to break that streak! By the time I left, just before 11 a.m., it felt like 97 outside. I was supposed to do 5 miles, but I cut it to 3. That was enough.

I’d thought about going to the beach yesterday, but we wound up staying home. Pepper woke up with a swollen and weepy right eye, for one, so we didn’t really want to take him anywhere. I have no idea what he did to it. It was fine Saturday night. He wasn’t pawing at it much, just squinting a lot. It got a little better throughout the day, and looked better this morning, but I’m going to call his vet here in a minute when the office opens to see if I can bring him in to have it looked at today.

They didn’t even get to race in Pocono yesterday either. It got rained out, and will run at 11 a.m. today.

Anyway, yesterday was the last day of July, so it’s monthly summary time.


  • Week 1 (July 1-2): 8.1 miles
  • Week 2 (July 3-9): 27
  • Week 3 (July 10-16): 29.5
  • Week 4 (July 17-23): 34.7
  • Week 5 (July 24-31): 35.7

Total: 135 miles

Not as many as I’d had planned, but close. I totally skipped the first long run on the marathon training plan, but I did the second one, so I’m batting .500 right now.

I ran three more 5Ks in July to qualify for the summer series. I was pretty happy with the first one, which I ran in 21:56, but then summer hit for real, and the other two weren’t so fast. I still managed to win my age group in every race, which means I’ve won my age group for the summer series again. The series wrap-up race isn’t until Labor Day weekend.

Looking ahead to August, I don’t have any races planned, just marathon training. If I stick to the schedule, I should put in about 160 miles this month.

I already did the easy 3-miler on the schedule for today.


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