A Simple Running Log

July 21, 2016

Training for 7/21/16

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Yesterday, I went upstairs and did ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and lifted weights, and after Clark got home, I went out and ran a quick 3-miler before the sun went down.

Today, I have my first speed workout of the training cycle on the schedule, three hill repeats. I was going to get out to the bridge early and get them done before it got too hot, but yeah… that didn’t happen.

I was getting dressed when it dawned on me I haven’t seen my black sports bra in a while. I have 400 sports bras, but for some reason it was really important to me to find *that one* right this second.

I thought it might have fallen into the floor of my closet, which is a knee-deep trash heap of running shoes, work shoes, sweatshirts, clothes I keep meaning to take to Goodwill and anything that has slid off one of the towering piles of running clothes loaded up on the shelves (like my sports bras.)

So I cleaned it out. I did not find the black sports bra, which is probably just wedged up in one of the piles of race shirts on that shelf, but I did unearth all of my running shoes I’ve accumulated since the last time I cleaned out my closet, probably two years ago:

second round of new balances

I’m pretty sure New Balances reproduce like rabbits when you leave them alone in the dark.

And I accomplished one more thing! Clark and I still haven’t gone to brunch at Turnbridge Point, the bed and breakfast in Denton owned by Steve, the guy who competed on the Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship last year. At first, he was only doing it once a month, and it was selling out months in advance. He added more dates, and there were still a few tables for two available for this Sunday’s brunch. So we’re in! Finally! I’m really looking forward to it.


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