A Simple Running Log

July 19, 2016

Training for 7/19/16

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Yesterday, a pretty powerful thunderstorm rolled through right about when I was going to go for my run. Fortunately, it was moving quickly, and the lightning cleared out in plenty of time for me to get in the 3-miler on the schedule before sunset.

The storm cooled off the temperature considerably, but it didn’t really feel any better, because the humidity was almost 100 percent. Another short easy run that left me completely drenched in sweat.

Last night, we burned our picnic table. Clark bought this thing for like $70 from Lowe’s the summer we moved into this house, so I think eight years was a good run for it. It was so thoroughly dry rotted we were able to break it up with our hands.

fire started

After starting the fire with the first few slats from the top.

table half gone

Everything in the fire except the frames from both ends and a couple of slats from one of the seats.

pepper with table completely gone

All gone.

pepper slinky

Pepper doing a Slinky impression.

It took a while to burn the whole thing. I think it was between 1 and 2 a.m. when I finally went to bed. So no, I haven’t done today’s run yet. I’ve got an easy 5-miler on the schedule.

This coming Sunday is the trail run in Rosaryville State Park I’ve done a few times. I was thinking about doing the 25K again this year, but then I checked the weather forecast. It’s supposed to be as hot and nasty as last year. Predicted high is 99, which will, of course, feel hotter because of the humidity. I think I’ll just stay home and do the 10-mile long run on the training plan instead.

Jen said she isn’t as heat-trained as she was this time last year, so she’s not running it either. Maybe we’ll meet there again next year.


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