A Simple Running Log

July 15, 2016

Training for 7/15/16

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This morning, I ran the easy 3-miler I didn’t get around to Wednesday. I was really wishing I hadn’t been so lazy Wednesday! It already felt like 95 when I went out at 10 a.m. The humidity and sun wasn’t what was killing me though. A lot of that rain we got Wednesday afternoon is still standing around in the fields, and it’s been baking in the hot sun. The smell in some spots is horrendous.

There was one field in particular, a wheat field that got cut down a couple weeks ago that was upwind when I ran past it (twice), that smelled so awful it was a relief when I made it to the roadkill in the middle of the road just beyond it.

Anyway, I shouldn’t have to worry about the smell of stagnant water and mud in the 5K I’m running tomorrow morning in Rehoboth, but it’s not going to be much cooler, even at 7:30 a.m.

I said two weeks ago I’d like to get my 5K time down to 21:30 before the end of the summer series, but it doesn’t look like the weather is going to make that possible. Tomorrow won’t be a good day for racing, and the last 5K I’m running is next Friday evening, which right now doesn’t appear like it’s going to be any better.

So anything faster than the 21:56 I ran two weeks ago will probably have to wait until the fall. Oh well.

At least I have the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet at the Greene Turtle on the boardwalk to look forward to! TK and I have done this race a couple of times before, and the buffet is awesome.

Other than that, my only plan for the weekend is to go to my nephews’ 18th birthday party tomorrow evening. I can’t believe I’m old enough to have adult nephews!


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