A Simple Running Log

July 11, 2016

Training for 7/11/16

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Saturday got pretty hot and nasty. So naturally, I waited until 11 a.m. to go out for my run.

The day before, I’d gone to Walmart to pick up our usual groceries, and on a whim added an eight-pack of Gatorade. It seems like it’s about that time of year when plain old water in my bottle while running is no longer cutting it.

I filled my bottle with half Gatorade, half water (the sugar content in straight-up Gatorade seems to contribute to my digestive distress) and hit the road.

I ran my 6.5-mile loop. I don’t know what the temperature was. I think I’m getting used to the heat, because I never felt too hot, but the amount of sweat my body was producing said otherwise. When I got home, my shorts were dripping like they had after I last ran in a downpour, and after I took off my shoes, my soaking wet socks were leaving footprints across the floor.

I was glad to have that done. Clark had gone to his office to get some work done, so I spent the rest of the afternoon in the house, with Pepper. When Clark got home, we did some yard work.

After we both cleaned up, we went to 3rd Wave in Delmar for a couple of beers, with Pepper, of course. When they closed, we decided to go to Specific Gravity in Salisbury for a late dinner.

Well, Pepper had other plans. He took a shit IN MY CAR on the drive to the restaurant. Right in the front passenger’s seat. He made sure to get it crammed in the crevice between the seat and the back.

The smell alone killed our appetites immediately. When we got to Specific Gravity, I ran in the bathroom to get a pile of paper towels to clean it up as much as I could. I wound up having to make three trips for more paper towels. I found a Dumpster outside to throw them away.

We went home. I was so mad at Pepper. Who does that?! And WHY. It was a 10-minute drive from 3rd Wave. Why didn’t he go in the woods outside the brewery before we left? Why couldn’t he hold it until we got to Specific Gravity? Why did he have to stuff it down into that crevice??

Anyhow… Sunday, I ran a little bit farther than the day before. Once again, I waited until late in the morning to leave the house, but the weather was much nicer, only in the low 80s, and the humidity was all the way down to 50 percent.

I did a lap around the 8.4-mile loop. The first half went fine. The second half, I don’t know what happened. I kept getting this weird tight feeling in my upper chest, my throat really, and the only thing that would loosen it back up was a walk break. So it was a little slow, but I finished the whole loop.

When I got home, Clark was leaving again to get some work done at his office. I was planning on another afternoon of lounging around and watching TV with the dog, even though I was still pissed at him for what he did to my car’s seat the night before. But then my little sister called and asked if I wanted to go the beach with her and my mom, so I did that instead.

We went to Fenwick. It was a really nice day for sitting out on the sand. The water is warm enough to go swimming now too.

At one point, I was telling Julie about the unofficial triathlon I’d done with Clark a couple weeks earlier. She said she couldn’t believe that was what we did together for fun. Then she told me it was a good thing Clark and I found each other, because she didn’t think anyone else could put up with either of us haha. I think she was worried that had come out wrong and I was offended, but I assured her I took it as a compliment.

When I got home from the beach, Clark had gotten home from work, so we went to Abbott’s Grill in Laurel for dinner. Pepper managed to make it there and back without taking a dump in the truck.

Today, I have an easy 3-miler on the schedule. One week until Philly Marathon training officially begins!


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